I’m sore, I’m sweaty, I’m freezing in a room that’s set to 24C. Oh, Utah.

Tonight’s dinner was delicious. A chicken breast, some horseradish mashed potatoes, asparagus, a salad, and a small piece of fruit cobbler. Hot diggidy, it was delish.

The people here couldn’t be any nicer. I mentioned the fact that my ear hurt to one of the other guests. Later I got a tap on the shoulder asking if I might want to go to the clinic because the wait time was only 30 minutes at that moment and we could go and be back by 7PM.

True enough, I went. This was the best US medical experience you could have imagined. I was in and out of the clinic in 15 minutes. I talked to a lovely doctor who called me a medical mystery and proclaimed my ear pain to be not in my ear at all, but in the gland below it. Evidently, said gland is infected (caused by the virus I had a few weeks ago when I was fixin’ to sell my house). The whole experience, including buying the drugs, cost me $90USD and an hour of my life. And the people at the Ridge drove me all over hell’s half acre. I really really like the people here, and that’s all I’m saying about that.

My favourite thing today? The circuit training (with weights, not the cardio one which tried to kill me). It’s 80 minutes long and you do 2 minutes of high intensity cardio and then two minutes of weights in a continuous circuit. Oh man, it hurt. But it was awesome. Awesome. I felt like I was achieving something until I messed up the chest press and lifted 40 pounds with my triceps instead (ow!).

And with that, I must be off to bed. It’s a little before 8pm here. I’m so tired I think i’ll be able to sleep the sleep of hte just without my iPod, which is currently charging. Oh, the good times.

Tomorrow’s activities include: an intermediate level hike (2 hours), a cooking demo, yogalates, cardio intervals, weights, and aquafit. I could not go to the cooking demo and go to the gym instead. Since you just know that I’m going to suck at the yogalates anyway, I’m strongly leaning in that direction, but we’ll see. I have four weeks to take a cooking demo, right? Right.

Night, all!