Today I hiked the “Slots” route at Snow Canyon park. This is a view of the park from within.

I had signed up for the intermediate hike, thinking that I could hike, and they wouldn’t be too fast for me. Until we hit the 300m mark or so and we had to walk down, and I mean straight down, a rock face. I started to sweat profusely and a woman very nicely kept trying to tell me to trust my shoes and that they would stick to the rock and yanno what? I just could do it. I dropped back to the Hiking 101 group.

They climbed down this rock 20 minutes later.

Enough said. Then we climbed through this slot canyon.

And over these rocks… a couple of times because our front guide kept getting us lost. Had we only turned right here in the creek bed (“the wash”) instead of gone over these rocks, the hike would have been finished on time instead of going 30 minutes over and I probably would not have run out of gas 300m from the end. All I needed was a piece of gum and I would have been fine. But no. It was 32C and there’s not much shade there. I found a small piece, plunked myself in it, shed a few tears at my total inabilities, gathered myself together and climbed the rest of the way.

Chalking this one up to the new antibiotics I’m on and the rough gut they cause. I’m going to buy the rehydration drops and see if they help me out tomorrow. My mother will be happy to know that they’re apparently entirely tasteless. For everything else, there’s crystal light. :o)
Off to lunch.