It’s Monday and here at the Ridge that means another hike up the 4.5 mile hill to the big stop sign. I was feeling pretty perky because Sunday is rest day here (so the staff can go to church) and I chose not to hike with my peeps but to do 50 minutes of cardio and 2 strength circuits instead, followed by an afternoon of hot tub therapy and floating in the pool.

Too bad I got horribly sunburnt. Anyway, my painful foot/ankle combo was feeling pretty flexible this morning so I bopped out of bed, took an advil, suited up (including an ankle brace and two different types of socks so I could get said brace on inside my left shoe). I instructed the newbies on how to get their water bags filled up and how to get the water out of said water bags when required. I ate my granola bar and apple and hit the van for the stop sign hike.

I got .25 miles before something audibly popped in my left foot. I was in agony for the next mile and a half and limped every step. I could have gotten off the trail and quit, but every time I had an opportunity, I decided to take it to the next stop. And then it got better around the 2 mile mark, so then I powered up the freaking hill at what had to be a 3.2 mile an hour or faster clip. And then I got another pop and limped the last 200 feet or so. I stood around for about 10 minutes waiting for a van to show up with an ice pack and gave up. I walked 3/4 of the way back down the hill before the van showed up to pick my peep and I up. Despite the pain, I shaved 3 minutes off last week’s time, which I’ll take. In all, I covered 8 or so miles (17K steps) in a little under 2 hours. I’ll take that.

I got back to the Ridge and had my lovely breakfast of egg whites, melted soy cheese, a whole wheat english muffin, and one paltry slice of turkey bacon. Then I added a new hour of cardio into my day called “open gym”. Good times were had by one and all – I biked for 40 minutes and walked real slow for 10, trying to get my foot to loosen up. AFter that was aquafit, which I really shouldn’t have done because of my burn and the fact that it’s at 11:30am, but I’m a dumbass and did it anyway. My burn got a little worse around the edges of my tshirt.

After lunch (tortilla soup and lentil tacos), I had two hours of circuit training: one cardio and weights, the other just cardio. And then a 45 minute stretch class.

Dinner was a 3oz piece of chicken and potato salad, with a really small faux brownie and real raspberry coulis. Then the peeps and I went to walmart (our escape from the Ridge) where we stocked up on such goodness as gatorade or crystal light, granola bars (seriously… 1200 calories a day is not sustainable for a month), and more sunblock. Oh, and a LOT more advil. I’m rocking lots of advil a day right now.

I bought a new pair of shoes that I’m going to try out on the treadmill tomorrow at 6am to make sure they’re not going to hurt my feet before I take them on the real hike. These shoes are super stiff men’s hiking shoes that should prevent any gait anomalies that are currently causing me pain. But you know what I say? Pain is just mental, right? Still, the shoes are the same price as a massage, so no massage this week. They’re $60 cheaper than at home, which irks me, but there’s not much I can do about Canadian prices.

All told, with exercise and bopping around, I burned over 4000 calories by 8PM. I ate about 1500 calories. Tomorrow morning I’m taking a spin class in my extra hour of “open gym” cardio and am hoping for some serious burn. Why? Cause I lost just under 7 pounds last week, and I’d really like to lose 5 pounds this week and the next two. That means I need to burn about 4000 calories a day and eat the same amount as I did today or it ain’t gonna happen.

I’m hoping to do a nice hike tomorrow and will post pictures then. I really need to sleep though, so I’m off. Positive reinforcement is always welcome, even in the form of cheesy song lyrics (Trixie!).