There’s no program here at the Ridge on Sundays so the staff can go to Church. It’s check in/check out day, which leaves the stayovers like me a little at loose ends. So, what, you ask, did I do this sunday?

1) Got up and weighed in. Have so far lost a total of 10 pounds in 13 days.

2) Begged the weigh in person to let me do the body fat test. I have so far lost 10% of my body fat in 13 days.

3) Ate breakfast (a multigrain belgian waffle with berries and maple syrup).

4) Finished a book.

5) Went to the grocery store to pick up some contraband fruit and diet coke. Marveled at the stuff you can buy in American grocery stores, including the bread they serve here (Orowheat triple fibre, with 70 calories and 6 g of fibre per very decently sized slice).

6) Came back and ate lunch. Soup and a sandwich and carrots. Also had a cup of cherries and an icy cold diet dr pepper. Oh, yeah.

7) Wait around for less slackassed friends to get back from their hike. There was no way in hell I was going because it was already 38C when they left, and my camelback only holds one litre. Even with a supplemental bottle, I couldn’t hike for 2.5 hours in this heat.

8) Take two of the keener hikers shopping, only to determine that most stores were closed because it’s Sunday and they have no people to staff them. Conveniently, all the open stores were deader than dead.

9) Spend an obscene amount of time at Staples with an operations management style optimization engineer, optimizing a container of you-pick-em pretty office supplies. This took 30 minutes of her planning and the rest of us giggling.

See how packed this thing is? There are paperclips inside each of those binder clips, people. The lid popped off as soon as we left the store. This woman, who’s about to start her first job as an engineer, was a packing machine. I’d hire her in a second. Staples totally lost money on these pretty pretty supplies (so much prettier than I can order for my office at home!).

10) Pick up some pretty tape flags which you know you’ll never see in Canada.

11) Gas up the van and head back to the Ridge.

12) Chill in your air conditioned room set to 78F (25C) because if it was any colder you’d have to wear a hoody.

13) Turn down the air conditioning just a little so you can wear your new hoody from Eddie Bauer, a store you have been unable to shop in since 2002.

14) Wish there was someone in the air conditioned environment who could take a picture of you looking so good.

15) Call your dad to sing “Happy Father’s Day to You!” at the top of your lungs as retribution for his not wanting you to sing happy birthday earlier in the week.

16) Have dinner with the newbies.

17) Return the van.

18) Go to sleep.

Thrilling life, eh? Tomorrow we start all over with the stop sign hike, open gym, aquafit, circuit training x2 because I don’t like the cardio circuit class, and gentle stretch. Nothing like 7 hours of working out in 38C to make your week complete. Oh, for you Yanks in the crowd, that’s 100F. Good times.

Lots of people didn’t get the weight results they wanted today. I’m really fricking happy with mine, but a bunch of us decided not to weigh in next week, but to wait for the last day we’re here and go out with a bang. This could be interesting – I’m not sure if I’m going to make it. However, with a 10% body fat reduction in two weeks, I’m hoping for another 5% in the next two weeks which will bring me within spitting distance(on a good day, with the wind behind me) of normal body fat. I think that’s a better goal than x pounds, don’t you?

Off to call dad and torment him with some truly off key tunes.