Yeah… so today I got up, took the van to the stop sign hike and walked with Murray up west canyon and back for a slow roundtrip 5 miler (and a bit). Murray’s knees were hurting and really everything under my belly button still aches, so I was happy to go a little slower than normal.

After breakfast I had a nap, and then I went to yogalates. I like Sharon’s yogalates because it’s more like a stretch class with a pilates hundred and a warrior pose or three. After lunch I was scheduled to do a spinning class at 3:30. Except it started at 3. I started at 3:07. Somehow, in 23 minutes, I managed to sweat so hard that beads of moisture popped up on my freaking forearms. I’m totally taking spinning back in Ottawa.

Then Enterprise made me wait for an hour before they came and picked me up to go and get my rental car. Grr. I’m such a great customer in Ottawa that I get fabulous service there. I’m just a nobody at a hotel here. Boo.

Once in the car, I headed to the mall to shop at my favourite US-only store. I buy most of my clothes there, either in Syracuse or over the internet. Their clothing happens to fit me pretty much perfectly and consistently and you ladies know that when you find that, you need to exploit it.

I tried on about 40 items of clothing in a variety of different sizes, including the size I bought in May and one size smaller. I’m one size (and a bit) smaller now, which is very exciting for me. I haven’t been this size since, oh, 2003 or thereabouts. I bought a pair of shorts (dad, you’re totally going to love them so I’m thinking I’ll wear them on the plane home), a bunch of identical tshirts in different colours (why mess with a good thing?) a pair of capris, two pairs of summer PJs, ten pairs of undies (I figured I was a smaller size because my undies were bunching around my eternally flat butt), and four bras. Yes, I was pretty stoked. All casual clothes, which my mother will be happy about because my casual clothes tend to be pretty deplorable (that’s because she only helps me shop for work clothes, and I really can’t dress myself, despite being 33).

I decided to celebrate by, um, going to the Outback for dinner. Yes, I went to the Outback. Yes, I’m a Cheater McCheat Cheat. No, I don’t fricking care. I had the healthiest thing on the menu – a little steak, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. Okay, I also had a salad. I didn’t even eat the freaking bread. And you know what? I FEEL FANTASTIC! Man, I just needed some bloody meat, I guess. Shiver me timbers, I can still taste the bloody goodness.

I came back to the Ridge and saw Murray and Tarah in the pool. Murray growled at me “where the hell have you been?”. I said “out”. He said “More importantly, what did you have for freaking dinner?”. I looked down at my feet (soaking in the pool) and said pretty nonchalantly, “steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli, ice cold diet coke and a salad”. I thought he was going to cry right into the pool. He came up next to me and sniffed my leg and said “I can smell the steak on you!”. Yeah. And I’m glowing too (from the blood!). He still looks a little like he’s going to cry.

We’re going to sleep in past the stop sign hike tomorrow and do the full 9 miles of West Canyon a little later. Tomorrow’s breakfast is kashi cereal with soy (gag) milk, so I’m not upset about substituting some granola bars for that. Tomorrow’s lunch is hummus. Tomorrow’s dinner is at the buffet.

I’m fully intending to spend tomorrow afternoon exploring the hallowed halls of Target. I figure if they have an american store here (like Target or Bed Bath and Beyond) that we don’t have at home, I’m going this weekend. I’ve been to Target twice in 8 years, and that’s all I’m going to say about that (weep!).

Night all. This little well fed blood filled pilgrim has to get some sleep so she can spend tomorrow walking and shopping. Yeah. :o)