Hey all! I got my results and they’re pretty good. I lost a lot of body fat and gained a fair amount of muscle. Net actual weight loss was 16 pounds, net inches around 9. I’m damned happy with those results.

Now, onto some pictures. I got totally guilted into hiking at Zion today by my other Canuck buddy Chris. See, Chris and I both walk at about the exact same (slow) speed. Chris wanted to leave the Ridge for the day and Zion was his only chance. The peeps here were hitting a hike called Observation Point, and he wanted someone his speed to walk with.

I should point out that I didn’t know until we got to the park that this hike is labeled as “strenuous” and is timed at 5 hours. And 2500 feet of elevation gain. Starting at 4000 freaking feet. Murray is so going down for making us do this hike, it’s not even funny.

This is Chris. He wanted a photo so his wife would know he actually communed with nature. This is our final destination. Chris and I didn’t even make it halfway. I should mention that I used the maximum zoom for this photo.

This is the view down to the shuttle depot after about 20 minutes of walking (and three breaks, because you won’t like me when I’m anerobic for too long!). Can you see that skinny ass trail weaving up the hill?

Here it is in more glorious detail. This is 40 minutes up the hill (that’s about a mile, for those of you who wonder how far I can get in 40 minutes when I’m climbing a 15% incline and looking out for snakes at the same time).

A slot canyon on the trail. This canyon, which was a blessedly flat part of our walk, was the highlight. When it started to go uphill again, we decided to head back down.

But, we got pretty far up the first mountain before we turned around. See? Unfortunately there’s still another 1500 feet of elevation that we didn’t get to. Next year. Or… never.

Cause I know you like them, I’m including two lizard shots. It was about 40C by the time Chris and I finished. It was even hotter two hours later when the rest of our peeps got back. They did the full 8 mile round trip. Suckers.
Lizards don’t suck. We saw a LOT of lizards today.

This one even stopped obligingly on this rock long enough for me to zoom in on him and take my sunglasses off so I could see the screen better. I think he was flirting with me.

As per Saturday tradition here at the Ridge, we ate out as a very large group at a buffet. I’d like to report to my fellow Ridgers that I ate my 500 calories and perhaps, just maybe, 35 more. And then I had a popcorn at the movies. But I only ate half of it, so I feel pretty good about that. I’m still hungry, but I followed the rules (my interpretation thereof, at least) until the end.
The airport shuttle comes tomorrow at 5:20am. It’s 10:20 and I haven’t even begun to pack. My knees hurt. My ankles aren’t sure if they’re ever going to forgive me. I have a sunburn in a seriously odd place (the back of my calves, where sand from some hike evidently scrubbed off my sunblock). I have three sets of workout clothes and two sports bras that are too big; I’m leaving them here for another guest. I have a pair of shoes, a bathing suit, and some undies to throw out for various reasons (caused pain, too big, and too big). I have a breakfast to put together so that I can roll out of bed, haul my suitcase down 12 stairs (which’ll be fun with my groany knees) and roll it around the front of the complex all within 20 minutes.
Tomorrow night at this time I’ll be asleep in my bed in my new house. I miss my bed, and I miss my teddy bear. I’m going to miss the people that I met here too though. I’ll write more about them some other time, when I’m less likely to have to find kleenex.
There will be no internetting for a couple of days while I transition from here to new house to new internet connection. With luck I’ll be up and running on Monday afternoon. Without luck, who the heck knows?
Anyways, thanks for taking this crazy Fitness Ridge journey with me. I’m glad I came. And I’m glad you came along too!