I went to work today and had the odd situation of having people stare at my gut and not at my face when they were talking to me. Apparently my midsection looks rather different. I had an even odder sensation of not wanting to go to work today, my first day since returning home from the Ridge. Not that I wanted to be in Utah, but I didn’t want to go to my job. I think that was the first step in not getting validation from where I work.

I ate my lunch at my desk today so that I could leave early (until I get blinds, I’m up at 5am anyway, so work was an early start today!) and go to a class at the gym near my office. I hate this gym and was never going to go back there, but they run cardio classes all summer and my community gym doesn’t. I hate it because it’s the type of place where people go to pick up, and they all seem to have hard bodies and condescending stares. I miss my old gym that was populated by public servants with office ass, but since I have no car it’s not practical to belong to a gym that’s a 30 minute bus ride away.

Anyway, I went today with a colleague/friend. I told her I was doing two classes and had a calorie burn requirement of 1000 before I left the gym. She has been trying to lose weight on weightwatchers forever, but every time she restricts her calories she gains a few pounds. Anyway, we hit the Body Combat class and the instructor was so freaking amazing that I felt joy the whole time I was in there. Holy high energy (there’s yelling and kicking; if there were sex and shit blowing up it would be a Jackie Chan movie). Even her pushups were intense. She was fantastic. Good news! She also teaches spinning and yogalates at the same gym (I wrote her schedule down) and she’s a recent weight loser herself. She knows. And, she has such a hard core following that only Tracey and I were new in the class. Seems like a good sign to me.

After that class we went to spinning. Different kind of bikes than they have at the Ridge. Very hard core people in the class. They were lined up to sign in when the registration started. The instructor started off by asking who ran in the Canada Day 10km run yesterday, and half the freaking class put up their hands. Yeah. All in all, a total recipe for intimidation.

I’m not gonna lie. I made it 30 minutes. But, by that point I was up over 1400 calories for the total workout and thinking that my bum didn’t need any more torture, and that my dad needed some relief at my house where he was waiting for the dishwasher installer and the blind installer (neither of whom have shown up yet). So, for 30 minutes I made the spin bike at GoodLife my bitch. Sort of. Next time I’ll make it the full 45 minutes.

Today I cracked 1800 calories (my goal) for hte first time since coming home. I went over with a third serving of fruit (I know, kill me now!). I still haven’t had a binge craving, which I’m chalking up to staying away from chocolate.

Tomorrow is my first time at the local community centre. I have a boot camp class, an hour off for dinner, and then a dance class. Hip hop was my favourite class at Fitness Ridge, and I wish I could find a class here in town for adults (maybe in the fall), but apparently Zumba is a lot of fun. Wish me luck!