Hey all! I like writing these fitness updates on SYTYCD days. I have no idea why.

So, I wrote my fitness ridge peeps (people who were guests the same time I was) on Friday and moaned and whined and bitched and complained about being physically very fatigued. They, being the rock stars that they are, wrote a lot of very nice things back, mostly along the lines of “stop trying to work out six days a freaking week, you freaking freak”.

See, in order to work out seven hours a week, I have to go to the gym either on the weekend or every weekday and twice on two weekdays. Now, I see a lot of people at my gym who go to the 4:30 and then the 5:30 classes, but one of those classes is always body pump and I need cardio, not weights. I have a hard time with the spinning because I have to wait 30 minutes after another class (they’re not synched very well, but that’s because you have to sign up for spinning and you can only do that 15 minutes before it starts). Anyway, I was literally going in the morning and then after work, and it was killing me.

Not because I couldn’t physically do it. Oh hell yes, I can do that much working out. But because I wasn’t getting anything done anywhere else. No laundry. No house settling. No dishes (resolved, thank god, because the dishwasher is now installed). And, since I normally work relatively insane amounts of overtime for a government employee, no overtime. (I don’t get paid for my overtime, so stop yer bitching about how come she gets overtime money.)

Anyway, my peeps made some good recommendations, including going down to two weeknights and two intense workouts on the weekend. I think I’m going to go down to three weeknights and one two hour workout on the weekend. Maybe a three hour workout. Maybe one, depending on how I feel about it all.

It’s not like I really have to worry. I’ve been home for 2.5 weeks and I’ve lost eight pounds. Apparently the success factor here is twofold: not lying on my food diary (I used to “forget” things) and actually going to the gym instead of just carrying your gym bag to and from the office. Oh, and moving to a house where you’re constantly walking up and down stairs doesn’t hurt :o) (there are a LOT of stairs in this house).

So, I’m going to stalk Michelle, my favourite goodlife instructor. I’m going to four of her classes each week. Then, on a day when I feel particularly strong, likely a weekend cause I was kicking some butt at saturday’s workout, I’m going to do a treading session. And every once in a while, I’ll get one of my peeps to come up for a visit (one of them lives in Toronto) or I’ll go there, and we’ll do Fitness Ridge for a weekend, in our hometowns. Good (albeit soy free) food, lots of exercise, and sleep at 8pm. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

And I’ll have friday and tuesday off to do life stuff. Like see a movie. Hang with my peeps (hey, peeps!). Hang some photos. Stuff. And stuff. It’ll be great, and much less fatiguing, I think.

And on that note, SYTYCDD is about to start. Later!