So, someone in our morning meeting told me the other day that I’m looking great. It’s true. (So modest!) I am looking better – my skin is clearer, my wrinkles are tightening up thanks to the judicious use of eye cream, and I’m even occasionally wearing (gasp!) makeup. Oh, and I’ve lost 25 pounds in the past two months, so yeah, I look good.

This meeting, however, was like two days after the new release for my favourite class (BodyCombat) came out. New music, new choreography. There’s one part in the middle that I’m not super fond of (there’s running and punching and it’s really freaking confusing), but there’s a song, practically a whole song, actually, where you’re doing my favourite bodycombat move.

I like to call it the crushing knee to the head.

Yes, for about three minutes, you make like you’re pulling someone’s head down into the knee that you’re thrusting into the air. Um, love it. Love it. Love it. It’s kind of like that feeling when you hit the golf ball and it flies (on the driving range – I’ve never actually golfed), or when you smack the snot out of the squash ball and you get that “poing” noise? That’s sort of what it feels like – I’m grabbing someone’s head and pulling it down to my knee which I’m whacking into their nose and mouth with great force. I really don’t know why I love it, but I do. Maybe because I’m coordinated enough to do it perfectly every single time, which isn’t so common for me.

So, after this person said I looked great, I said “hey, it’s because I’m all zen because I went to bodycombat last night and spent like forever kneeing someone in the head! It was great!”. Dead silence. So I demonstrated the move. More than once.

Apparently this is a great way to freak out your colleagues. Especially if you get an unholy look of glee on your face when you’re doing the crushing move. Which I evidently do. Yeah. Good times.