Hey all! I thought I’d give you a little fitness goal update. I got home from the Ridge June 30th in the week hours, so I’m coverving five weeks here.

Since I got home, I’ve lost 9 pounds and five inches (ahh, says Leslie, that’s why she was looking for a tape measure at walmart!). The inches was a nice surprise, because that’s (a LOT) more than I expected. I’ve worked out on average a little under four times a week(like 3.8 times) and eaten on average around 1900 calories a day (there were a couple of bad days that threw off my average).

My goals for August are to continue exactly on this track. If I could lose 8 pounds a month between now and Christmas, I’d be lighter than I was when I graduated from high school the first time. I’d be around a size 10. I’d be… normal.

I bought myself a pair of cycling shoes for spinning class. It was quite the ordeal, actually, leading to a sudden loss of confidence in my old standby, MEC. Never fear, as soon as I went to Bushtukah (which is, interestingly, a lot closer to my house than MEC is), I got hooked up with some mountain bike shoes that doen’t compress my artificial toe joint AND the guy installed my cleats for me so I can use the better bikes. I’m hoping this makes my spinning experiences a little better and a little less harsh on the foot. Spinning is a terrifying calorie burn, especially now that I can stand when I’m sposed to for the whole time.

Cross your fingers, peeps!