You know I love me some Biggest Loser action, right? I think I’ve commented on it a few times. Heck, I even took my own biggest loser vacation this summer!

One of the things you may not remember is that this past winter, I was in therapy to get control of some binge eating issues, which seemed to show up at least the one night a week that the Biggest Loser was on television, and often two or three other nights in the week.

I’d like to use this post of the Biggest Loser recap to announce that I am three weeks binge-free. Not one. Not a single binge in three weeks. Oddly, that correlates with the time period after I stopped eating the white food post-wisdom tooth extraction. Apparently all I needed was one prolonged white food binge and it was done.

In fact, I weighed myself yesterday and today. My weight fluctuates by up to three pounds from day to day. Turned out I weighed myself on a bad day yesterday. I actually came back from my trip a half pound lighter than I left. And I’ve totally kept to my calorie intake goals for the past three days. I fricking rock!

But this recap isn’t all about me. It’s about the noble men and women who I truly feel for and who inspire me weekly on TBL. I really really wish this show was on 52 weeks a year. Did you see the opener last week? That team that lost 47 pounds? Yeah, my peeps Murray and T couldn’t do that at Fitness Ridge, but they came close (39 pounds in the first week between them). My mum’s all upset because the only black team was eliminated the first week (she has a thing about latent racism in the US). But on to this week…

Um, the slip and slide? Nice. The woman who got stuck in the middle when she was a teenager? I totally hear that. And the cooking challenge… man, if I was on this show with my dad (who I couldn’t even propose going to Fitness Ridge to because he doesn’t like being told what to do), I don’t know who would be the better cook. I’ve only ever seen him barbecue, and he’s only ever seen me cook simple stuff.

About that challenge though – who doesn’t like cauliflower (I stand corrected!)? Who thinks mussels are a vegetable? Isn’t that guy from Boston? Could there have been more product placements? (though, who knew you could cook mussels in the microwave?) Have you ever had quinoa pasta? Where do you buy it in Canada? Does anyone have access to the Biggest Loser club? If so, could you hit me with the recipe for the turkey curry and cauliflower chili?

Did I mention yet that I’m sitting here wearing my official Biggest Loser tshirt? I guess I should support the orange team since that’s the shirt I have. The mother of one of the producers was at Fitness Ridge the same time as I was and I nattered at her for HOURS about how much I love TBL and how I truly wish it would come to Canada because I would buy myself a damn video camera and shoot an embarrassing video to get on that show. Anyway, she gave me a shirt out of pity (I loved that woman. She was the BEST.) and I haven’t worn it until tonight, and now I’ll be wearing it once a week. Kind of like the one size too small Fitness Ridge tshirt which I keep on the bannister to remind me of how much work I did.

Coleen – has never been close to anything because she’s scared of failing. She can’t fail if she can’t try, right? Did you happen to notice her dad was on the treadmill with an oxygen tube in his nose? Crazy.

So, to the weigh ins:

  • Brown (the team that lost BIG last week) loses 11 pounds. Wow. I’m still gonna say it though – 35 pounds and 23 pounds is nothing to sneeze at for two weeks of weight loss.
  • Purple loses 6 pounds. That’s gotta be crushing for Amy (the daughter). The yellow team has got to be crapping their pants now.
  • Pink (rocking the champion C9 sports bras from Target, I believe), lost seven pounds. Again, that has to suck. Good attitude though. I watched people cry like babies because they were so upset when they lost two pounds at the Ridge.
  • Red (Murray’s tshirt colour) loses 12 pounds. Holy. They did alright.
  • Orange loses a wedding ring and 11 pounds.
  • Grey loses a net of zero. Holy crap that one dude gained three pounds. And the yellow team actually crapped themselves right on camera. I wonder if he drank a lot the day of the weigh in?
  • Yellow loses 11 pounds. And they’re up for elimination with grey and for sure they’re going home. That was a bit of a harsh comment about him letting his daughter down, don’tcha think?

While I wait to see who they decide to eliminate, some questions for you: Why is there no blue team? Did I miss one or is there no blue this year? Or are they reserving blue and black for the end? What colour would you want to be if you were on TBL? I think I’d pick blue because it would offset my truly purple face. Anything but red (as much as I love red, I’d be all one colour from face to flushed legs!).

Oh, was I ever fricking wrong. They voted off the grey team! Well, that’s a bit of a shocker. I would have sent home yellow, myself. They look GREAT today, don’t they? They’re contenders for the finale!

I’m very excited that they’re going to the Grand Canyon next week. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, and the hiking was fantastic.

What was your favourite part of today’s show?