If you were Shellay at, say 8:25 PM, and Jillian asked you what you were feeling right after she’d sworn at you repeatedly, what would you have said? I personally would have screamed at her something along the lines of “I hate you, you psychobabbling bitch and I’d rather talk to the shrink so just focus on my damn form, will you?”. But who am I to judge Shellay for doing exactly what Jillian wanted and crying. Heck, if I was that tired, I’d probably cry as well as scream, yanno?

Do you think Jillian’s style would work for you? That’s the one thing I really loved about Fitness Ridge. They were really great about the motivation. They never yelled at you. They might yell for you, but not at you. Yanno?

So, they didn’t vote anyone off tonight because the show was truncated for the next presidential debate (thank god – I’m so tired!). Who do you think’s going home? When’s the next show?

Later, skaters!