Fitness Ridge is being featured on TBL tonight. Very exciting. They’re in the middle of a two week contest called “Battle of the Bulge”, where the person who loses the highest percentage of weight loss over two weeks wins their stay for free. I’ll be there for the second week. I don’t think I’ll be able to participate in the extra challenges, but I’m very much looking forward to the fact that I’ll be able to shoot hoops on my free time. Sweet! I really miss playing basketball, as bad as I am at it.

How much did you hate the dress that Vicky wore on Tyra? It made her look so hippy! What the heck is Jennie-O turkey, anyway? That was a seriously bad product placement.

Okay, the challenge for the two weeks at Fitness Ridge – why did those girls take off their shoes? Their feet are going to sweat and they’re going to slide. I’m so glad Vicky didn’t win. FR is too good for her. The people there are too nice for her. Yay, Michelle!! Good for her!

Speaking of how great Fitness Ridge is, I got an email from the Program Director to fill out a survey. I totally blanked, and then sent an email to the Program Director (Paige) to let her know that my specific goal was to be able to comfortably run 5K at the end of the two weeks. She’s all over that. Technically, Deb the uber-marathoner is all over that. Sweet!

They might be bad technology, but those morphing shots are possibly my favourite part of hte last half of the season. I can’t believe my mother is missing this. Thank god for the PVR.

Totally unrelated, but while we sit through the Vicky drama, I thought I’d mention that the Sci Fi channel is going to make a prequel of Battlestar Galactica that will focus on Admiral Adama’s father, Joseph, the civil rights lawyer, and another family that is creating the first generation of Cylons. It’ll start in 2010. Sweet lovin! And, Katee Sackhoff is going to be on Law and Order this week. I’m definitely PVRing that.

So, Renee’s in trouble, Michelle is safe, Ed is in deep crap (and he is NOT happy with that), and Heba is totally safe. So, who’s going home? Renee, or Ed?

I really wish it wasn’t Renee going home. It just makes me dislike Vicky all the more. Although, her rationale was pretty nice. Still. That really sucks. But OH MY GOD!!! She looks GREAT!!!

Damn. S’all I’m saying.