One of my all time favourite Cake songs in Long skirt short jacket. Thus the post title.

That was a really really really long trip. I slept for about an hour on one of my flights. My luggage made it to Las Vegas and I made it to Utah with everything intact. Thus far it doesn’t look like I forgot anything. My roommate (stop laughing – I’ve had at least two successful rooming situations in my life!) is very nice. She’s gone off to someone else’s room to gossip while I acclimate. Which to me means hop in the shower and go to bed at the grand old time of 8pm, if I can even make it that long.

I’ll let you know how I do on the stop sign hike tomorrow. Four miles up a hill – my last time was 1:21. Do you think I can beat it? (I doubt it, but I’ll give it a shot!)