And yes, yesterday’s blister turned into today’s nightmare. I was wearing a blister pad and it felt a lot better until about a half mile (.8km) up the first hill. There’s a bench there, so I stopped to check it out. The blister pad had moved away from the blister. Now, I’m 80% sure this is caused by my orthotic, which has a pad in it that ends at exactly the same spot as the blister starts. So I changed out the blister pad for a new one and took out my orthotic.

Have you ever walked in a running shoe with no insole? Not very comfy. In fact, there’s a seam around the same spot as my blister. Curses. I hopped in the van at the 1.3 mile mark and headed back to the Ridge. For my lovely fans, I tried to take a picture of the goodness after I took off the second blister pad. See below.

Sexy, ain’t it? Whatever.. it’s just a big blister. That’s actually about 1.5 inches wide. And cracked. It hurts like a bizzle. I bought a new pair of running shoes, which conveniently were on sale and aren’t even all that unattractive. Good times. Good times.

Running starts this afternoon, blister and all.