Okay, here’s the first running update. Today I ran for 12 minutes. Not 12 consecutive minutes, but 12 minutes nonetheless. I ran 2 minutes on and 2 off five times, and then two 1-minute sprints. In between, I did some interval training using hills and speed as a combo. It was the good times.

I burned my 4000 calories (my daily goal) by 3:30 and then spent some time in the hot tub before coming back to shower and change. My blister looks a little nastier than earlier (the third blister kit of the day came off while I was running, causing a new blister to form just below the original one). My ass hurts like you wouldn’t believe. I didn’t have a nap today (shock, horror!) but am definitely planning on it tomorrow.

I hear that Ottawa is getting dumped on big time with snow, topped up by a transit strike. I’m hoping you all have that resolved by next Sunday. The last transit strike I suffered through I ended up buying a car, and we all know how that turned out (badly). On the whole, I’m rather happy I’m here, even if it is a lot colder than you probably think given that every time I’m outside I’m sweaty (hypothermia… not a pretty thing).

Anyway, I miss you all. I promise since you think they’re so nasty that I won’t post any more feet photos. I’m off to get my massage to see if I can get my lower body to hurt just a little less tomorrow. And tomorrow night, i’m going to a mormon temple (jsut the visitor centre, but still pretty cool!). I’ll report back in sometime tomorrow.

In the interim, there will be no Biggest Loser update for today. I’m going to miss the last hour (thank god I’m in the US and can pick it up tomorrow on hulu). If you watched it, let me know what you thought. I’m leaving now and I’m at the race track challenge.

Happy days!