No, there are no photos. I managed to make my mother gag in another hemisphere and almost made my best friend vomit at work this morning (on her first week, which would have been something for the ages if you ask me!).

So, on Wednesday a new blister formed, just geographically south of my original blister and just a little underneath the original blister. I know – who knew a blister could get a blister? Well, I did, because it happened in June, but still, it’s kind of repulsive.

I just got out of the shower and looked at my feet (to be honest, it’s not something even I look forward to). Both blisters have popped, one has mostly healed and the other looks like it might peel. Sweet!

In other news, I’m sitting in my room drinking a covert diet coke. I cannot tell you how much perkier I am when caffeinated. I was just at dinner where the winner of the current Fitness Ridge Battle of the Bulge was announced. That’s sort of like a Biggest Loser competition with two teams that compete in challenges for prizes. Individually, they’re competing for a rebate on their two weeks, including anything they spent at the spa side of the house and in the pro shop.

The winner lost 29 pounds, and the runner up lost 27 pounds. In two weeks. Colour me fricking impressed!! I saw the winner in the gym on my way to breakfast every morning. He had a goal of burning 600 calories before he ate every day. He walks fast too – I was behind him on the stop sign four times this week. He finished at least a half mile (almost a kilometre) ahead of me every day. Mind, he’s at least 8″ taller than I am, so I’m okay with that.

The second place guy lost 27 pounds. You can actually visibly see the difference in these two guys from Monday to today. It was pretty awesome.

Tomorrow I’m doing the stop sign one last soul sucking time for this year, if it isn’t raining. If it is raining, which is what is forecasted right now, I’m going to spend a FUN two hours on the treadmill. Walking uphill. Just for fun. Then I’m done. An afternoon of laundry and shopping later, one dinner at the famous Chuck buffet, and a very long day later and I’ll be sleeping in my own bed, with my own pillow and my own teddy bear (mock if you like, I’m used to it).