Man, I love the finale. And I LOVE the fact that Michelle won. It’s surprising to me how the incremental weight loss doesn’t seem so dramatic, but when you don’t see them for a 30 pound drop it’s totally shocking and awesome and wow, all at the same time.

By the way, how smokin’ hot was Amy? Yeah. LOVED that one shoulder dress. Loved the fact that Allison Sweeney’s rack has exploded. She looks like she’s gonna have that baby tomorrow, not in four weeks. Yay, her! Jerry and his 115 pound weight loss? He looks AWESOME! Shellay? Seriously… I’d kill for those shoulders. Amy might actually be a tiny bit too skinny (what do you all think?). I totally didn’t even recognize the other Amy and Phil. Good god. They’re a really cute couple! That’s the ultimate revenge, ain’t it? Brady? My word. And Renee? Hot! I’m not so big on the hair, but those pink pumps were hot!!

(side note: did you all know there’s a new Muppet Christmas special on tomorrow night? I might need to watch that!)

So yeah… Phil lost 151 pounds. Holy. Crap. Amy (his wife) lost 105 pounds. Holy. Crap. Renee lost 106 pounds!! My word. These people are awesome! Heba lost 138 freaking pounds. That was totally worth $100K, people. She might not be very nice, but she definitely worked VERY hard. She totally earned that money.

Did you notice Vicky’s schedule? She’s up at 4am to work out and gets home at 8:30PM after working out. She’s missing her whole life. Kill me now. She had a seven week plateau. A seven week plateau! I hope the peeps at Fitness Ridge can explain that one. That’s not right.

So… Michelle thinks she’s given up after working out for two hours. Sometimes she works out for four. Not sustainable. Just not sustainable.

Okay… so I’m really glad Michelle won. Of the remaining peeps, I preferred her, for sure. I get the feeling that she’d be using that money with her family, too, don’t you think?

So… are you all happy with these results?