Two weeks ago I was suffering from caffeine withdrawal, big time. I remember in June when my buddy Murray bought me a diet coke on the sixth day I was at Fitness Ridge. I was so excited I could have jumped him on the spot, fiance be damned. I felt a little like that this time, except it was two days earlier and a diet dr pepper that caused the extreme emotion.

Tonight I had a diet coke at 7PM, with my dinner. Normally I only have decaf in the house, because I’m not a dumbass. For some reason though, tonight, last night, and the night before I decided for no known reason to indulge in caffeinated diet coke after 4PM.

Kill. Me. Now.

No really. I’m leaving the house in less than 7 hours to pick up my uncle. I’m totally wide awake. It’s too late to take sleep drugs. It’s too early not to keep trying. Argh. Why am I such a dumbass when it comes to caffeine? Why don’t I just learn? I should just get dressed and go to the 24 hour gym. Then I’d be sweaty and miserable, instead of just sleepless. :o)

That’s it. I’m decaffeinating this weekend. I’ll bring decaf DC to my new workplace. I can do this. I can do it. I am woman. I can do this.