Yes, it’s true. I totally went to the gym after work on December 23rd. That would be today. The day where I’m pretty sure I ate about 15 cookies and definitely needed to burn off abotu an additional 1000 calories.

I left work dead on time. Went to the mostly empty gym. Did an interval workout. Made it to three minutes of running before I was pretty sure I was going to die (the heart rate monitor agreed, by the way). My knees are totally telling me that I should have taken an anti-inflammatory this morning if I was seriously going to go to the gym today.

So, I went to the gym. Can I get some props for that? Yeah. I rock! Also!! no caffeine after 2PM today. Cross your fingers, people. It was a grim early morning drive to pick up UM at the bus station, followed by some super-caffeination and hyper-productivity, followed by an amazing amount of water. I should be able to sleep. Right?