Hey all! Don’t you hate when the weather people predict some kind of winter weather mayhem so you change a flight and then the aforementioned mayhem does not arrive? Yeah. I’m leading a workshop in Toronto tomorrow and it starts at 8:30. Normally I’d fly in the night before so I’d sleep. Except yesterday the Ottawa forecast was all about the nightmare of freezing rain that we were going to get today. Except, not so much. Oh well. I’ll be up at 5AM tomorrow cursing the good people at Environment Canada.

But, I digress. It’s Biggest Loser night! woohoo! Can I just say how much I love green, yellow and pink? Yes, the three all female teams. Love them.

And, we start off with a balance challenge! Okay, people… I’ll have you know that’s a lot harder than you’d think. It’d be way harder if they had to take their shoes off, but even so, this is seriously hard on your ankle, calf and thigh. For, like, a long time. And they foolishly all took the rest one foot on the other approach. Felipe has the right tack, as does Kristin’s mum. Slight squat and lower the other foot down and picking a focus point. (One-legged squats were a serious part of my life while I was prepping for foot surgery. I know the ways.) Oh! Do you see Blaine rocking the icy hot patch on his shin? Yeah… I’m having an FR moment. Can you believe Felipe stepped down? And Blaine? And what kind of a total sweetheart must Aubrey be to let those people give up their shot at a visit from home? And, she’s beautiful. Isn’t she?

And, I’m done blogging for the night. I’m going to work on a puzzle while watching the rest of the show. Good ep?