Wow, it’s inCREDible how different Tara looks, isn’t it? I guess that’s what 72 pounds of lost weight look slike, eh?

Tonight’s episode is abbreviated so Barack Obama can address the nation. Still, we got to see some serious up/downs in the mud. Nice. Well, not so nice, actually. Very unattractive. Tara is a MACHINE. I fricking love that woman, vomit and all. God. She really wanted to stay with Jillian. I can’t believe I missed what the punishment is for coming in last. I really hope the competitors get new shoes.

I’m not all that big on Mandy. I’m not down with the crying. How’d they know how many tshirts in what sizes to bring in each team colour?

I want to win the lottery. I want to win the lottery so that working out with a personal trainer is my job for several months. I just noticed Bob is wearing a wedding ring. So, my ‘dar is really unreliable these days, but I really thought he was gay. So, d’ya think he’s married? Cause he lives in California, which means he had about a six month window of opportunity to do that. Anyone willing to speculate for me?

Okay, so that tears and maudlin-ness by Bob and the new black team. Seriously? That’s a little overdramatic, I think. Suck it up. Life changes. Move on. But that’s just me. I’m betting a fair number of you people were crying too.

Ooooh, wind trainers. For 24 hours. Kill. Me. Now. Mandy’s sweating and it hasn’t even started yet. If you haven’t used a bike in a wind trainer, it’s surprisingly difficult. You have to set your own resistance and you’re sort of tilted and let’s face it, the seat hurts. But it looks like they set the resistance pretty high. What does the blue team have on their faces? And why didn’t they give them foot straps? Why didn’t they go back to their rooms to sleep for the 2.5 hours they were not cycling?

Black team won and Tara proved her value. I hope she’s one of the final four. I really really want to see her makeover.

Elimination will be tomorrow. Good times.