For Lent.

Apparently I’m a sweaty sweaty woman for a few minor reasons.

1) I have a hyperactive immune system, thanks to my bout with colitis in my early 20s. So, where you might come in contact with a virus and not feel your immune system kicking in, mine is going into full on attack mode, causing some mini flash fever action, which can come with dizziness. I’ve got some minor infections running through my body. Since I’m pretty much allergic to half of the drugs I’ve ever taken, I’d rather not take antibiotics unless I’m very ill. I’m not, so I’ll tough this out with tylenol.

2) I’m not digesting sugar all that well, according to my blood test.

3) I’m overcaffeinated.

What did this end up resulting in? My doctor strongly suggested I give up caffeine and chocolate for lent and redo the blood tests in the spring. I’m doing the math. I’m a day late to Lent. So, 40 days is about 6 weeks. In six weeks I’ll be in Utah. So, no matter what I do, I’m going more than 6 weeks with this. That’s a really really long time for me.

But, if I can do this, I can do anything, right? I’m following Dani’s lead and eating some heritage grain “O’s” for breakfast tomorrow with a couple of yogurt cups. Net reduction in sugar? At least 12 grams, or 12 teaspoons. Good times.

It’s gonna suck. But I can do it. Right? It’s only 6.5 weeks. Right?