You know what happens when you go to the gym on a wednesday and you haven’t watched Tuesday’s Biggest Loser? The people at the gym tell you what happened. No, I’m dead serious.

I went to Combat today (I wussed out of Pump and since I had a slow work day, left exactly on time and got to Combat instead), and the class STARTED with, no joke, a discussion of the lessons learned in last night’s episode.

I will say this about that, I think Jillian went a little overboard, and I’m very pissed that black won the weigh in. And Filipe? Was that for real? Don’t you think he could have addressed his issues in a more constructive way?

Back to the gym though: You know what happens when you don’t go to a group exercise class for three months? You suck at it all over again. However, I love Combat. I think I might love the instructor more than the class, but I really do like the class. It is fricking painful though. My upper abs are actually cramping. Tomorrow is probably gonna suck. But, I’m still on schedule to go to spinning tomorrow. I think I can do this. Two trips doesn’t make a habit, but three trips might, right?

Today I had a not great breakfast, but I had a great salad for lunch and a not great dinner. But, I ate no processed junk food. This week I’m really focussing on going to the gym four times. Next week, I’ll focus on doing that and eating less, or technically more but fewer calories.

Small changes, one day at a time.