So, I’m going back to Fitness Ridge this weekend. I could hardly be happier. I’m in fish hell at work right now. Lots of politics and confusion. I think I mentioned out loud about 15 times today that I’m going on vacation this weekend. It’s 8PM and I’m still working. Enough said.

However, two bad things happened re: FR today. First, one of my buds from last summer who was sposed to be there next week will not be. Her grandma died today and she’s headed to Rochester NY (like, three hours drive from here) for the funeral.

Then I get a call from the Ridge. Turns out my roommate has a family emergency and had to head home. She may be back on Sunday, but if she isn’t I’m either going to have my own room for a week (expensive!) or will have a new roommate. Bummer.

Still, I’m focused. I’d like to lose 15-18 pounds. I really needed my hard core roommate for that. I’m going to have to dig deep. I’m going to have to use Nicole from the Biggest Loser as my example, my inspiration. And you guys are going to have to help me.

Yes, I’m going to blog this trip. And since my support network are either pregnant and moving or in Panama, I’m going to need you guys. Help me out. Support me. Cheer me on. It’s a lot of weight to lose in 13 days. A lot. But I know I can do it. And I know you can help me get there.

Are you with me? Who’s with me?