It’s 6:20am and I’m sitting in my room. Got in around 7PM last night, got a run down of hte program changes, ate some dinner, gabbed with one of my buds from last summer, and went to bed. My roommate (Robin) spent an hour on the treadmill and was in bed before me. She’s… fit. Again. Why do I get the fit ones?

Anyway, program has changed a little. There’s groups A, B and C. The B group is the old schedule. The C group is a little more (!!!) intense. The A group is a little more stretching and education, and a little less intense. I’m currently signed up for B, but may change that this morning to C. My peeps from last year are currently in A, but thinking about upgrading to B. I think they just need to put two B groups on or you’ll never be able to get into a class.

There’s 65 people here this week. Sixty five. When I was here last summer they had the biggest group to date of 34. S’all I’m saying. They’ve still got a mad waiting list, and have no problem filling the rooms. I’m guessing it’s going to get even busier after FR appears on The Biggest Loser tomorrow night as a “refresher” for your Biggest Loser experience.

I’m not at open gym this morning. I’m “testing in” at 6:45am and didn’t want to drink water (required for working out) before weighing in. Good times. They’ve changed the DVD rental policy here though, in a way that I find pretty awesome. The movie rental is free if you watch it in the gym while you’re working out. Yeah. So, tonight, there’s a little march madness while on the treadmill. Tomorrow a little biggest loser. Wednesday? I’m thinking Dodgeball, if they have it. Got any movie suggestions for other nights?

Stop sign starts at 8AM. I’m pushing for 1:25. That’s it. 1:25. By the end of two weeks I’d like to do it in 1:15, which I think is reasonable.

Kristin – I wish you were here. It’d be so much funner with you!

Updates to follow, y’all!