Today was a great day. A great day. We were scheduled to hike Camelback Ridge today, which is my favourite offroad hike. However, after a 30 minute drive to Gunlock, UT, we found out that the road up to the trail head is closed. Suddenly, with no warning. Luckily, our guide was rather ingenious and devised an alternate route that started at the Gunlock Dam.
This was our official reunion hike. Below are the 9 of us who were here last June. That’s Lisa, me, Heidi, Genie, Sabine (from the comments), Larry in front, Anne Marie, Christa (not from last year, but Sabine’s good friend), Margie and Dora. We’re in the parking lot at the beginning of the hike. Note: It’s cold and not sunny.

In the above photo, I’m standing on a dam that creates the reservoir of drinking water for the towns of Gunlock and Kayenta, total population 200 people.

We’re over the dam now and warming up on some rock and sandstone. See how our hands are all exposed now? Yeah… that’s how you can tell we’re warming up. It’s getting lighter outside, too.

We’re ina much more scenic spot for a group shot now. Our guides were sainted. They must have taken 100 photos for us. Also in this photo are three people who weren’t with us last year, none of whose names I can currently remember.

It’s tough to tell from this photo, but that spiky stuff on the left is a type of cactus. It’s all that’s between us and a 25′ drop.

Genie and some rippling sandstone. That, by the way, is wicked hard to walk on when it’s lopsided like that.

Sabine and Christa, bopping down a hill of biscuits. C’mon… you KNOW that sandstone looks like biscuits. It’s not just me. We’re now clearly working up a sweat, as Sabine has taken off a layer.

That’s me, looking good in a gorge. I know, I’m wearing navy blue and black. It goes back to my not having pants. I brought this pair of capris that has pockets, but I brought hte navy ones and not the black ones. And I brought the black long-sleeved shirt instead of the grey one. Need I say more about my slackass packing skills for this trip? No.

Okay. For some reason, we had a mad debate about this rock, which CLEARLY looks like one of the Planet of the Apes apes. Some of my peeps thought it looked like a lion. C’mon, people. That’s a damn dirty ape, and you know it. Don’t you?

We’re on our way out of the gorge now. It was a long hill. A really long hill. Of sand and loose rock. Think about that for a minute. Yup, it did indeed suck that much. The rest of the hike made up for it though, for sure.

See what I’m saying? Beautiful.

After the hike, Paige led us in a fantastic stretch class that was all about form and alignment and correct posture and how it feels and how to get it. I really really need to stretch my chest muscles, and that’s all I’m saying about that. Apparently it’ll help to get rid of the small bump on my upper back. I’ll work on it for the next two weeks to see if it helps.

Lunch was a quick trip to Subway and then to Dixie State College to get a tshirt for a friend who collects obscure college shirts. Got back in time for open gym, then had a very chaotic 36 person circuit training class (there are 34 pieces of equipment to use). After that was living drums, which is not nearly as good now that Hotty Scotty isn’t teaching it anymore. After that was a trip out to Enterprise to pick up this weekend’s rental and then back to the Ridge for a slideshow and dinner. Um, they have a professional videographer here now. He films stuff all week long. And he uses a VERY flattering lens. Seriously flattering. Although, I’m going to post two more pictures, and you’re going to see part of my problem.

This is me 7 pounds lighter than when I started at Fitness Ridge last April.

This is me now. It takes a long time to stop looking at yourself and seeing the first photo, and to start seeing how you look now. Drifit, by the way, is not flattering because it clings to everything. And it’s shiny. So, when you see yourself sweating and in drifit all day long, you don’t see anything but that first person. I don’t know how long it’ll take, but I suspect that I could weigh 150 pounds and I’d still see me as being 80 pounds heavier. I think that if I ever get to my goal weight (i’m 30 pounds away), I might just need to go back to therapy.

So, today was great. Tomorrow will be better. Why? I’m taking tomorrow off. Yes, I am. I’m going to poke around downtown St George, go to Target, Lane Bryant, and the Eddie Bauer outlet. I’m going to Staples and Borders and will bop around town. There’s an art festival downtown which I’m rather excited about. Then Sunday I’m going to spend 2 hours on the bike while watching a movie, probably Baby Mama. I’ll be ready to roll when we hit Monday and stop sign again. All will be well.

Little note for Kristin: Fitness Ridge has eliminated the trip to Chuck-a-Rama because there are too many people here for their dining room. So, we’re going anyway. Bring on the salad strategy. Bring on one tiny skinny piece of prime rib!

Have a great easter everyone!