Oh, it was a good weekend, kids. Yesterday, as mentioned, I did SFA. Well, I shopped. Then I went to Chuck’s for dinner. It was yummy. Was kept awake during the night by foot cramps, thus proving Sheila and her hands of doom correct when she said my plantar fascia was really going to start hurting soon.

This morning I said goodbye to the Buffaloans and shlepped my butt up stop sign by myself. You know what? It was so much better than normal. I think it’s because I didn’t feel like I was competing with anyone. I made it to Lava flow overlook before turning around – that’s a total of 10K, which I did in 100 minutes. Pretty good, kids, especially considering half of it is uphill!Way back from a sunday Stop Sign

I look pretty happy in this photo, don’t I? I’m on my way back down the hill. It was a really great walk. The tunes were good, the gatorade was sufficiently diluted, there was a lovely breeze. It was great.

This afternoon, I went to see Fast and Furious (2009). You can put all the dialogue on a single napkin and let’s face it, the plot is irrelevant. But, stuff blew up and Paul Walker is very hot. Enough said.

Dinner was the delightful pasta and tomato sauce with I think TVP but it could have been meat. I’m leaning towards meat right now because my stomach isn’t in turmoil. Nasty dessert. Nasty. Then there were 60+ really long introductions before we got to leave. Since then I’ve been weeding through the old popwatch posts and setting up just fitness and biggest loser ones here.

Tomorrow is the official stop sign hike. I’m just going to do it. I don’t care about my time. I say that now, but you know I’ll kill myself to get up that hill faster than last week (unless I have to pee, which means it instantly doesn’t count, right?)

You know what I didn’t do today? Weigh in. I think it was the best decision for me. We know from past experience that I don’t often lose weight within the first 7 days. I’d rather not have my motivation drained by bad results today. I’d rather keep working as hard as I can and wait until Friday. Yanno?

More tomorrow!