Met with Emily tonight. She’s great. I really really have a lot of time for Emily. She’s really quite positive, even when she’s discussing your bad food choices.

So, we basically discussed my need to keep my blood sugar level very consistent, and to eat on a more regular basis. Theoretically, this will reduce my desire to binge (not just on chocolate, but also on cheetos, chips, etc.). How am I going to do this?

First, I’m going to eat a bigger breakfast. That breakfast is going to include a multi-grain bagel, peanut butter, and fruit. At 10am, I’m going to have a pretty high protein snack, which could be a yogurt and a hard boiled egg, or fruit and a cheese string, or cottage cheese and fruit. If I have meetings all day, I’m going to eat that snack at breakfast. Hopefully, that means by noon I’ll be hungry, but not so hungry I’ll cry if I don’t eat right away.

The good news is, my lunches are very balanced. As long as I keep prepping them on Sundays, what I’ve been doing is great. One small change: when i go to Subway, I need to get the foot long sub instead of the six incher, and not get the chips. This is good, because you know it irritates the snot out of me to pay $4.19 for a 6″ sub when a footlong sub is $5.

In the afternoon, I’m going to have another snack. Another protein and fruit combo. I’m going to eat this at 4PM, never earlier than 3:30PM. Why? So that I can make it home without thinking “oh god, I have to eat something right NOW”.

You know what Emily said about dinner? It’s okay to have toast and peanut butter. Seriously. She’s okay with that. She’d prefer if I eat half a thin crust frozen pizza with a salad, but she’s really okay with simple and quick. We talked about a number of frozen foods that are doable.

My favourite part about this discussion? One diet coke a day is just fine. Decaf or not. Just one. The rest of the time I should drink a 1:8 or 1:10 ratio of juice to water. And! Chocolate once a week.

All of this food should fit into 1800 calories a day. I got a whack of food and snack ideas from Emily, and she gave me some link with more ideas on them. Most importantly, I have a better idea of timing. I need to eat every 2 or 3 hours. If I do that, I should have a consistent level of energy. (Emily tried hard to smother a chuckle when I mentioned how my stomach starts to make noise when I’m 3/4 of the way up stop sign, ever single day. Apparently that’s a sign of inconsistent sugar levels.)

It was an excellent use of an hour. If you’re coming to Fitness Ridge, I truly think this is a worthy investment.