So, given that it’s going to be virtually impossible to keep up the same level of working out at home as at Fitness Ridge, I’m going to focus on the food.

Did you all know I don’t have a car? I live about a kilometre from my preferred grocery store, and two blocks from a crappy one. Either way, I have a lot of groceries to get home. I have a little bright orange wheelie cart, into which I pack two reusable bags. I always bring a third, just in case. I get stuff like laundry detergent and TP when I have a car rented.

bags heavy!

This was today’s haul. It was rather heavy. I went to the preferred grocery store, so it was 2km round trip, plus the additional weight of these bags. Unprocessed food can be very heavy. More than just nutrient dense!

lots of food

This is my spread.

veg and fruit

A closer look: peppers for two meals (peanut curry chicken and veg, and grilled veg for my weeknights); strawberries, pears, apples and kiwis; skinny bread for my toast and PB nights, and mini-ziploc containers.


On this side we have the breakfast bagels (could it be any more obvious that they’re loaded with OMEGA 3!!!s?); a very very small steak which was actualy 5 oz uncooked (holy crap); some eggs for boiling (the only thing I didn’t get done today); carrots and red pepper dip and cheese strings for snacking; some cottage cheese (to go with the fruit); chicken cutlets (for the peanut curry) and breasts (for weeknight dinners); and lots of 2 minute rice.  Oh, and juice, to heavily dilute with water instead of drinking pop and crystal light. I’m rocking the grape juice at home and the mango juice boxes for work.

Once I unpacked all that goodness, I decided I should probably do something instead of my usual sunday thing (having a nap). I had a lot of time to think on the planes yesterday, and I realized that I want to have a yard that I like, that’s all mine. I just moved into this house last July, and its yard is rather unformed.

yard work I

Also unmaintained. I got a lawnmower as a housewarming gift last year. It’s great, except it’s a mulching mower and I had new sod. And I didn’t mow it often enough. And it went from fall to winter so fast last year that I didn’t get it raked, either. Ergo, my grass looked a little like crap.

Yardwork II

Looks pretty good now though, doesn’t it? That’s 245 calories of intense raking and lifting and bagging, I’ll have you know. I invited my dad over to develop a plan for the garden for this year (I have a multi-year plan, but I’m in so much debt right now I’m going with things that cost $100 or less and only involve tools I can borrow).

See that fence? I’m going to scrape and paint it. It’ll be a nice bright white by mid-May. What happens then? I’m going to put a little round circle of pavers around that tree and plant some annuals there. Why not? And then, I’ll probably put down some nice irregularly shaped pavers in a little footpath that will demarcate my property from my neighbours, since I can’t afford a fence and I want it known that I at least mow my lawn (he had several vortexes of grass in there last year – never once even asked to borrow my mower – I’m very happy to report I saw the same mower in his garage a few weeks ago though!).

Eventually I’ll stain my mini-deck (front and back, since I have the same stairs leading from my carport to my house). Maybe do something with the front (I’m thinking a mini fence between me and the other neighbour). It’s all been plotted out, and I’m excited.

Why? Because I’ll be doing a physical activity with an end result. I’ll actually accomplish something. And I’ll be sweating buckets while I do it!

I’m kind of stoked. Are you?