Lots of pictures to show you what happened with my weekend.

backyard (after)

I spent much of Saturday doing the above. It took a couple of trips to Rona and Canadian Tire to get 10 bags of dirt and 22 stones. And a sprinkler. And a hose. And some long handled grass edgers. Man, it is a LOT of work to garden. I spent 2 hours moving dirt and stones from the car to the backyard and spreading dirt and grass seed. That was 7 bags of dirt, people. And then, Dad decided that maybe I should have a deck back there (instead of the patio I was thinking of getting done next year) because he and my brother could build it for the cost of materials and one power tool for my brother as a thank you. Stay tuned.

Also used my saw for the first time in I think five years. And a new scraper, with which I scraped the living crap out of the fence. It started to rain though, and I didn’t get it painted. Next weekend…

I burned 1600 calories in just under 4 hours gardening. It was… insane.


Today, dad and I went to one of my favourite places in Ottawa: Hog’s Back Falls. Hog was a guy, if I’m not mistaken. Much like Snow from Snow Canyon. They just like to mess with you 100 years later… There were tulips! Which is good, cause the tulip festival starts in, like, a week and I hadn’t seen any at all.

Hog's Back Falls

And then there were waterfalls. That’s actually a combo dam/natural falls. It creates Mooney’s Bay behind it, and there’s the Rideau River ahead of it.

Dad at the Falls

Dad at the start of the off-road trail. He tried to wus out of this walk because a little rain was forecasted. Um, hello? 115km an hour winds last night. What’s a little rain going to do to us?

Sign of spring

More signs of spring (with dad meandering down the path in the background).

woodpecker damage

Woodpecker damage to a mostly dead tree, along with two dudes cutting up part of the tree next to it, which fell over during the storm last night. Clearly they’d been working for hours, judging by the number of freshly cut trees around.

ice damage

This tree probably should have been cut down a couple decades or so ago. As it is, part of it got stuck in the ice this year and it got torn away when the ice moved on down the river. Okay, more like it got peeled away. Interesting look!

finch (not a pygymy mudhatch)

A finch. Not a pygmy mudhatch. (Props to you if you know the pop culture reference there.)

dad at the edge!

Dad, hanging on the very edge of a path. Okay, he’s actually a few feet away. He was checking out whether or not it was walkable. It is, but not by him. He’s too gimpy.

Semi-rotten tree

This tree fell over last night and was cut down. Turned out it was mostly rotten on the inside. I love this walk. I just plain love it.

After the walk, I went out for brunch with Holly, and then to a movie. Hol’s house was not habitable today because they’re having an open house. We movie’d while John took care of Max. The movie sucked.

Then I went to get my groceries and came home to cook. Oh, the cooking. I’m having spaghetti and homemade meat sauce (ground chicken, people!) for dinner this week. I’m rather excited. I’m also having strawberries and pineapple in my cottage cheese, almond butter with my apples, and a hardboiled egg mid-morning. Good times. Good food.

Lily is loving this!

Now I’m relaxing with Lily. Lily is Holly’s cat. She looooooooves me. Mostly because I pay a lot of attention to her. When I’m not paying enough attention, she talks. Non-stop. And she shakes her head at me, which is weird. When I do pay attention to her, she kneads the air with her paws, as if she can’t quite control herself. It’s rather cute. She also grunts when she purrs.


And I swear she normally looks happier than that. I swear!

So, I was very productive today. Later this week, I’ll dig out the turf around those stones, try to figure out why they don’t fit perfectly, get a price on materials for the deck from my dad (I’m guessing this ain’t the year), bike to work (twice), go for a Tuesday walk with my friend Mel, and yeah… I think that’s all for now.

I’m tired just thinking about it!