My favourite moment of this whole season so far, was Tara sitting at the finish line of the challenge, crying. I don’t know why. I know that it meant something to me.  It meant a lot to me. I’m tearing up just a little.

The first half of this show so far has been full of great moments. The other day, my mum told me to go and look at some photos from Vietnam (we went in April 2006), because it would be blindingly obvious how different I look now.



I don’t actually see much of a difference, other than my hair being a lot longer now. However, I put the only photo I have of me from a three week trip to southern asia on this blog. The only photo. I’ve basically spent five years trying not to be photographed and full on REFUSING it on my own camera. My mum has tons of pictures of me in Asia. I’ve never seen them. It just upset me too much.

I think showing the contestants their first workouts on the ranch was an excellent psychological move. It showed them how far they’ve come, and reminded them how hard they’ve had to work to get there. And more importantly, it showed them who they aren’t anymore and who they don’t want to be ever again.

You know, the people who are left are focused. They are so focused I’m almost jealous. I can’t figure out what I need to do or say to myself to get that focused. I know I went to Kwentin’s talks at Fitness Ridge (a lot) and in my head I know what my block is. I just can’t figure out how to get around it. Maybe I need to go back to therapy for a bit. I don’t know. Got an opinion on that, fearless readers? Got some ideas? How do I get my tara crying at the end of the challenge moment?

Did you all notice, by the way, that the interviews with Bob at the beginning of the show had him with a beard recounting his coversation with Filipe and Ron about Kristin’s departure? Yeah… he had a chin that was as smooth as a baby’s bum during that conversation. And for the rest of the ep. So when did he film the recap, exactly? Yes, these are the things that plague me, people.

So, to the results:

  • MAN! Ron lost NINE pounds? WTF?
  • Filipe lost TEN? Oh. My. God. These people kicked it UP this week. Holy jumpin. He’s lost 130 pounds and he looks GREAT.
  • Helen lost seven pounds! Holy crap! What is going on here? She’s definitely in her BMI now. Her BMI. That’s sort of like the holy grail for fat people, you know. It seems so far away, that elusive range. God. She could make lifetime. You WW’ers know what I’m talking about, don’t you?
  • Mike loses 11 pounds! ELEVEN!
  • Tara is only 169 pounds. Jillian is right – she is an athlete. Did you check out her arms? My god. And she lost eight pounds. She is… awesome. PLus her extra pound, she’s so safe. Did you see she lost 5% of her weight? We haven’t seen numbers like that since week one, people. Every 5% weight loss yields HUGE health benefits. Crazy, ain’t it?

So, we’re at the vote. Man, just this once I want Ron to go home. Just send him home, fer the love of pete. But no, they don’t.

Interesting challenge though, to go home for 30 days and then have the weigh in for the final 3. Next week’s ep is going to be very interesting, if we get to see what they had to do. Very interesting…

It’s good to see that Filipe had a hard time adjusting to being home. He looks great, doesn’t he?

Great episode. Great! The best of the season so far, for sure.