Last week was a colossally bad food week. And exercise. There was none of that. None. Catastrophically bad. Sharon from Fitness Ridge called me at home to see if I lost any more weight. I told her the truth and she suggested I write everything down for a week – eating, burning, etc. If I don’t lose the weight the heart rate monitor says I should, she thinks I should go to the doctor.

So, I said to myself “Self, better stick to the food plan this week. No swine flu induced chocolate bingeing!”. I hosted a baby shower this afternoon and was a wee bit worried about getting my food prepped, but was able to make it happen, as evidence below.

mmmm, steak

Tonight’s dinner. Very small steak, half a cup of wholegrain brown rice with chicken flavouring, and three colours of peppers done up on the grill in a basket. There’s another three servings of rice and two servings of veg in the fridge.


After dinner, I started chopping. This week for lunch I’m having homemade chicken salad in a pita, chopped veg and tzatziki. There’s a lot of chopping involved in that. You’ll see above three ziploc containers holding 4 oz of chicken (bbq’d and shredded) and about 1/2 c of diced vegetables. That’s the pita filling. And five baggies of celery, baby carrots, and radishes. And one container of sliced cucumber to go with the chicken salad in the pitas. These are all coming with me to work tomorrow.

chicken salad

Here’s a closeup of the chicken salad. There’s diced red, orange, and yellow pepper, about half a stalk of celery, and a little green onion in there. It’s rather colourful when mixed with 1 tbsp of half fat mayo and 1 tsp of whole grain mustard.

yog and berries

One of my snacks and the only thing Emily wouldn’t be proud of, because it’s flavoured yogurt. That’s pineapple/mango zero fat yogurt with 9 raspberries and 5 blackberries. With the additional 12 calories of all bran buds that I’ll put on there (for crunch), this’ll be around 100 calories.

sunday fridge

My sunday fridge. I often get mocked for the fact that i make all my food on Sundays. However, if I don’t make all of my food ahead of time, I binge eat or eat total crap. In this fridge, you see bread, hard boiled eggs, my lunches and snacks, the three 5oz chicken breasts behind the lunches, some cottage cheese and crumbled feta, and lettuce. Oh, and leftover cut up veg for next week, when I only need two days because I’m travelling for the other three. Oh, and a thing of juice, for diluting to make water less boring. And some goat cheese. Just cause you can’t live in my neighbourhood and not have at least one pretentious food in your fridge.

Yes, I really should buy stock in whatever company makes ziploc containers. I should take a photo of my ziploc storage cupboard before I start cooking on sundays. You would all cry with laughter.

This week, my menus are as follows:

Breakfast: one muesli whole grain bagel (260 calories) and 2 tbsp of almond butter (200 calories)

Two morning snacks: hard boiled egg at 9ish, and yogurt and berries at 11ish (160 calories)

Lunch: chicken salad (200 calories), pita (160 calories), veg (25 calories), 2 tbsp of tzatziki (50 calories)

Afternoon snack: granny smith apple and 1 tbsp of almond butter (160 calories)

Dinner: 5 oz chicken (150 calories), 1/2 c brown rice (120 calories), grilled veg (50 calories) or salad (75 calories including the dressing).

Since that only brings me to a little under 1500 calories, I’m having popcorn each night, baby.

I think I might be short at least one serving of veg, so I might have less popcorn and a side salad every night. We’ll see how it goes.

What are you eating this week?  What are you stoked about?