Hey all! Halifax, even in the rain and wind, is beautiful. This morning I did some work stuff, and then this afternoon I was taken (for work) on a tour of the Nova Scotia coast roundabout the Halifax area.

The vessel

This is our vessel, and we were fervently hoping that our three hour tour wouldn’t end up being, yanno, like Gilligan’s island. (Here’s where I’d like to note that if you know where I work, or can read the words on this boat, you not repeat them on this blog, or it’ll show up in my work media filter. Thanks!)

faux driving

This is me, faux driving the boat. Imagine my shock when it actually started moving away from the dock while I was sitting there. Ha!


This is Rick, the CO in training. He starts the ship from above, and then does the main steering from within the cabin. You’ll note that it’s a wee bit rainy. Note in the above photo that my hair is still straight. It lasted about 30 minutes. Maybe less. Now it’s in ringlets.


Scenic point on the way out of the harbour.


This guy was a terrible flirt, and I mean that in the best way possible. I think he was particularly happy that his bigwigs from Ottawa weren’t jackasses. He almost wouldn’t let me buy him and his crew coffee. Very old school.

big wake

The vessel travelled about 16 miles in total, at around 15 knots. It was raining and windy. There was a big wake.

The Matthew

A science vessel. It has some cool submersibles on it. And zodiacs. Really not visible from here.

Actually driving

This is me actually driving the boat. Like, fer real. And that’s my boss behind me KILLING HERSELF LAUGHING. Why? Because I couldn’t keep the boat straight, am scared shitless (look at me, i’m wearing five layers under that jacket, yanno, and I’m sweating like a beast) and the crew is hooting non-stop about my aiming for an island, which I swear to god the boat was attracted to like the boat was a compass and the island was magnetic north. Thank god we were going slowly. Very slowly.


Not only did they let me drive the boat, they also let my regional colleague call in to the boat version of air traffic control. I gather you don’t often hear a happy woman on the call, so there was a much longer pause than normal for them to acknowledge.


We went down the stairs and left the vessel to go to Tim’s for a coffee. Okay, I had a hot chocolate. I’d been outside again and was so cold and damp at this point that I frankly felt I deserved it. Since you’re not allowed to take off your personal flotation device until you’re off the vessel, we just went over to Tim’s wearing them. Yeah, dead sexy. No one even batted a fricking eye. Oh, Halifax.

The Louis I

This is the boat I’m going to be on this summer. It’s in drydock right now, getting something refit.

The Louis II

That ship is pretty fricking big. I’ll be on it for 7 days this summer, and will tell you all about it just before I leave. And yes, I’ll be blogging, but for work so you’ll have to check their site too. And yes, it has a gym, which you need because the food is so fricking good (or so I hear). Shortly after this photo, we tied up and got a ride back to our regional office.

After going back to the hotel, I mucked about for a bit and then decided to go the Keg for dinner. Mmm, steak. On the way back, I stopped in at the best bead store ever (more about that later) and then saw these totally random road signs.

Random road sign I

WTF do you think that means? I asked a local who was walking past, and he said it means “watch out if you’re on a motorcycle, the road ahead has been graded”. Really? Is that what you’re getting from this?

And this one, which I loved.

Random Road Sign II

The Rolling Stones are so yesterday. Today it’s all about Flying Stones, don’tcha know?

I also passed by the family pub, which isn’t actually owned by any family member that I’ve ever met, but whatev…

Family pub

So, back to the beads. This new bead store opened up in November here in halifax. It’s called Feroz Design and it’s AWESOME. They buy beads in bulk and bag them at the store, which leads to you getting just the number you need without the inflated Michaels pricing. See?


Yeah, I got all those beads for less than $30. I’m so stoked, I could choke.

And that’s my day in Halifax. Tomorrow I’m going to the Citadel, the immigration museum, the Farmer’s market, and home. It’s going to be overcast and chilly, with fog in the morning possibly burning off to suny “spots” later in the day. There’ll be a 5C temerature differential on the coast. Which, of course, is where I’m at. Brr. Shiver me timbers, baby.

I’m going to bed momentarily. It’s been a long day and I’m rather tired, windburnt and possibly, yes, a little sunburnt. How that happens when it’s raining, I don’t know. But, I am the whitest person alive. What are you gonna do?