Yesterday was a VERY long day. Started off at the Place Royale interpretation centre, which to be honest was a disappointment. However, this is where I determined that Quebec City is as lousy with high school students in May as Ottawa is with elementary school students. Leading me to wonder why, even though I LIVED IN QUEBEC, I never went to Quebec City with my school?

But, I digress. After that museum, I took a lovely tour of Quebec’s first church (Notre-Dame-des-Victoires) wiht a french dude named Piers who spoke English with an Irish accent. No, I’m totally not joking. Imagine that for a second.

Moving on, I tried to go to the Museum of the Ursulines, but it’s closed til this fall. I did, however, go into their chapel where I was blessed by a very aged nun who was delighted to have such an obviously heathen anglophone show reverence for her place of worship in french. She’s been a nun for… are you ready? She’s been a nun for 72 years. A NUN for that long. S’all I’m saying.

I walked around for a bit, had some lunch, did some work stuff (cause technically I was working yesterday, ergo I worked via blackberry and cell phone), and walked back to the lower town. Here are some pics of my wander.

Filles du roy

This plaque commemorates the 700 or so “filles du roy” women who came to New France to be brides of the “habitants”. Basically, this program was so successful, they managed to triple the population of New France in just a few years. Ah, the breeders.


Yeah, this bus looked a little weird to me, too. That’s cause it’s a half bus, and it’s purely run on batteries. It makes no noise. It’s very freaky.

Quebec City

I just liked this view. That last row of houses there is eggplant coloured. Very pretty, funnily enough, with a dark grey roof.

Got on a plane (delayed), then another one (not delayed), then got to my hotel at 10PM Halifax time. Ordered some room service to get some veggies in me, and watched a little Grey’s Anatomy. Cried like a baby and went to bed.

More to follow in today’s post!