No pictures today.

This was a very active long weekend for me. Saturday I was still in Halifax. All holy hell was breaking loose at work (as per the norm for a weekend) and there was a lot of blackberry action as a result. Despite that, I managed to get an AMAZING amount of walking done.

Left the hotel at 8:45am and went directly to the Halifax Farmer’s Market. I was hoping to pick up a pastry there and poke around before heading to Pier 21, Canada’s Immigration Museum. I paused at the wharfside Tim Horton’s, saying to myself “you know exactly how many calories are in that bagel and PB, Ker, why don’t you just get one now?”. Lived to regret not stopping, as the farmer’s market was my personal vision of hell: hot, sweaty, excessively crowded, and loaded with people the likes of whom I went to university with for five years. Think dreads, armpit hair, batik clothing, and baby wearing. I lasted about 10 minutes before I bolted.

No food at Pier 21. Did you know that I get really really cranky if there’s no food first thing in the morning? I should have stopped at that Tim’s. Anyway, booted around the museum. I frankly wasn’t all that impressed until I got to the downstairs exhibit about settling Canada’s west. That exhibit had a lot of stuff and personal artifacts in it. Very cool.

Then I backtracked through downtown and up a truly enormous hill to the citadel, stopping en route at another downtown Tim Horton’s. I ate the bagel and PB, but also got sucked in my a toasted coconut donut, my absolute favourite kind that they haven’t sold in Ottawa since I moved here in 2000. Sigh.

Took a tour of the Citadel (hot tour guide wearing a kilt – nice) and moseyed through their three museums. Got lost trying to get off the hill, which is pathetic considering there’s a ring road around in. Doh.

Walked back down the hill for a late lunch/early dinner. Went to a place called Maxwell’s Plum, which a colleague said had the best burgers in town. Turns out their famous burger platter is actually TWO burgers. No joke. Two big burgers for $7, with fries. Kill me now.  I had one burger, and it made me feel vaguely unwell.

Walked back to the hotel and around Historic Properties, some restored 19th century buildings on the waterfront. Once back at the hotel I hopped in a taxi to the airport and went home. To Ottawa. Man, it was a long trip.

Yesterday, Dad and I went for a walk in teh hood for an hour. It was cold and windy, and he was underdressed but refused a sweater because, well, he’s a stubborn cuss. Got home from there and the groceries, ran through the shower and went off to the Transitway to take the bus to South Keys for a walkabout and then a movie (Angels and Demons).

Today I got up early, watched the season finale of The Biggest Loser (Helen lost too much weight – Mike and Tara looked way better and healthier) and got to gardening. What you say? Yes, I reply. Gardening. I mowed the lawn, which for the first time was not so long that it wouldn’t fit in the bag on the back of the mower. This unfortunately led to me taking the bag off the mower to empty it and then not being able to figure out how to reattach. Doh.

Then I decided to cut out the turf under the stones around my tree. However, being me, I screwed it up a little because really, what do I know about putting stones in the ground and how to make the ground even? Nothing. Still, it’s done and ready to plant some flowers in next week.

By this point I was shaking from a sugar drop. Had some soup and a nap which I thought would be 30 minutes but ended up being an hour. Did I mention I have the worst allergies I think i’ve ever had? I’m not going to get too graphic here, but there’s some ugly snotty stains on my shirt right now. That’s okay though, since I burned a whole right through it by inadvertenly touching the bbq basket to my shirt while trying to get it back into the house. The shirt is drifit and it melted right through. Dammit.

To the BBQ – Did you know that President’s Choice has a new chicken product called the Perfect Grill? It’s exactly 3 ounces of boneless skinless chicken breast that can be bbq’d from frozen in 12 minutes. Uh, hello? Do you know how many calories that is? I’ll tell you: 110. Yes, kids, it’s a Fitness Ridge portion of chicken, and it’s roughly the size of a boca burger. Perfect. And cheap. Six servings are 750g for $9. In the flyer, 454g of bulk chicken this week was $8.99. I’d say I got a damned good deal and yes, I bought two boxes.

I also bbq’d five peppers and two steaks. Tonight’s dinner was a checkbook sized steak (overcooked, dammit), some red/yellow/orange peppers, and a baked potato.

After dinner I walked over to my best friends and together we went to the park. At any given time, one of them was working with me on my frisbee throws while the other was entertaining the baby. I should point out that one of these people is 8 months pregnant. And yes, she was throwing and catching and bending over and jogging. It was pretty awesome to behold.

And now I’m back, with a fridge full of cooked food, a lot of clean laundry (a LOT), lots of ironing to do, and a fierce hunger. Yeah, I’m really really hungry. For no good reason at all, except that I had an active weekend.

Mark of truth about my trip? I didn’t gain any weight at all. That’s what I call an active trip.

More news later this week. Tomorrow I’m walking after work with two of my peeps, and Thursday is my first ultimate game with my new team. I’m very nervous and hoping I acquit myself honourably. Good times. Wish me luck!