Man, I don’t know how parents ever eat a healthy meal when they have a toddler around. Who has the time to make the kid eat healthy and the adult eat healthy too?

How do I know this? I babysat my best friends’ kid on thursday for an overnighter. I went over to their house on Wednesday to sort of get a perspective on the food and bedtime situation, and to find out how to open the baby gate, cause I’m not good with these things.

Anyway, I picked up Max from daycare on Thursday, having sent about five emails to yanno, highly ranked people, telling them I’d be out of email contact until 8ish that night. Max was a little skeptical of me, even after I wheeled him over to the park.  You’ll note this from the frown lines he’s exhibiting in the below photo.

max on the swings

The daycare provider said he hadn’t been drinking, so when it was clear we weren’t enjoying the swings all that much, I asked him if he wanted a snack. Yeah, he said (it sounds very pathetic when he’s not sure of you) so I bopped over to his bag and pulled out a juicebox and some dehydrated apple slices.

apple snack

Still not very impressed with me. Even with food.

I stopped at Subway on the way home to pick up some dins. Max said “hewwo!” to every person we passed, waved at two planes, practically jumped in his stroller at the two buses we saw, and, no joke, put his feet up on his stroller. He almost gave me a heart attack when we hit a bump and he almost bumped out of the stroller. I hate strollers. And they’re hard to steer.

So, we get home and I ask Max if he wants to eat. “yea”, he says, perking up a little. His mum and dad had sent me a bible of Max – four single spaced pages of instructions. And there were also notes in the house, just in case the bible and the dry run weren’t enough instruction :o) Anyway, Max eats a lot of finger food. You sort of just keep offering him food until he’s done eating. Here’s the thing… the instructions included some pretty detailed things about the high chair. Which I totally ignored because I sat down in a big person chair and Max decided he wanted to sit down in the same type of chair.

So, I taught Max all about how single people eat.

eating and reading 1

Oh yeah. I know if you’re single, you also eat while you read. Or you watch TV while you eat. Right?

well adjusted reading and eating.

Max likes trucks. You’ll note that the book he’s reading is loaded with trucks. You know what else Max likes? Cheese. Eggs. Berries. Rice pudding. That was his dinner. A little dairy-intense, but hey, it was all on the top shelf of the fridge (in the handwritten instructions).

Giant berry blob

Max picked up this raspberry and said “whoa!” in a very Keanu Reevesian way. He pulled the berries apart and ate them one at a time though.

rice pudding

Yeah, that’s rice pudding. So gross. He really liked it though! Anyway, after eating, we played for a while and then Max needed a change, so I threw the sleeper on him and brought him back downstairs. Time for a bottle, which his mum swore he wouldnt’ drink. He did. Then it was book time, and then Max slept the sleep of the just and happy. He woke up at 4AM and that was the end of my sleep. No worries – I still got 6 hours for the night.

I’m not feeling all that hot. My body tends to react to the end of a period of extreme stress by making me sick. Usually some illness of the inflammatory variety – like hives, or some other goodness. Luckily, I’m just tired and congested. I’m hoping tomorrow doesn’t find me feeling even worse, but just in case, I did my weekly groceries today.

My dad and brother were over today leveling the ground in my yard and installing deck blocks. Why? They’re building me a deck. Yeah, I have a cool family. I’ll show you pics next week, assuming the weather gods are in my favour and it doesn’t rain next saturday. We had a very funny discussion about the bench running around the deck and how deep the bench seat should be. As if the 10″ or 12″ deep is going to make much of a difference. It’s still only 2/3 of a butt  :o)

And, just for my fitness ridge peeps, I’m attaching a photo of tonight’s dinner. Anyone who ever ate with me at FR knows I love me some cucumbers. And here’s what it looks like when I eat them at home.


I ate that with some salt and tzatziki, in case you’re curious. It was yummy.

Not my best food or activity week, but I’m working on it. I’m aware of what happened and why, and I’m moving on.