Oh man, do I ever feel like crap. I have to say I not only have a general sense of malaise, I also have a slight fever, a lovely rash, and a congested chest. Oh, and a wicked case of the sweats.

Luckily, I know exactly what this is from. A sudden release of stress has pretty much consistently in my adult life presaged some kind of sickness. Migraines, hives, seizures (those were fun), colitis, and a number of other goodies. Sometimes just a cold, which is at least easy to deal with.

You want to know how not well I feel? This afternoon I did no cooking and no food prep. Absolutely none. I had a three hour nap and watched a lot of TV. I think I overexerted myself walking to the market to get some plants (thanks for the ride home, D!) and then throwing them in the garden. But to put that into perspective, I planted 20 plants and walked for 50 minutes. How hard is that? Should that cause a fever and massive sweats? No.

I’m just going to take it easy tomorrow and hope to be back at work on Tuesday. Or not, if the chest congestion gets worse and turns into the hacking cough that so many people in my office were sick with last week.

Good times. Good times.