So, today I went to a Tony Greco Lean and Fit class with my two challenge co-participants. Pam, who frankly could have been a pro athlete at some point in her life, given her level of intensity and commitment to everything she does, is a hard core Lean and Fit fan. She’s been with Greco for about three years, and in her first 10 weeks, she lost 29 pounds. So you gotta know, it probably works.

Pam invited us Leslie and I to experience the Lean and Fit workout for ourselves. Did I mention that Pam is intense and committed? I went to watch her play beach volleyball this summer, partnering one of the fittest people I’ve ever met. Pam worked her all over the court (and they were teammates), and basically put on a serious show. It was rather impressive.

Leslie is a runner. She’s also working out with a trainer several times a week. When I say she’s a runner, I mean she really doesn’t seem to think running 10k is going to be hard. I think walking 10k is kind of a sucky boring thing to do, unless there’s great scenery and talking.

So, we shlepped out to Kanata, hoping that Pam was going to be hungover from drinks last night. We did indeed eat dinner together last night (Pam cooked us up some awesomeness!) and went out for a drink. Instead of having alcohol, I ordered dessert. Cause I like me some dessert. But whatever, my hope was that Pam would be hungover, especially since a seriously funny 68 year old had spent the last 45 minutes of our stay hitting on us and was looking like he was going to buy drinks.

Pam was not hungover. Indeed, she was perkier than you could imagine. Leslie was cranky (no coffee), and I was sleepy (no caffeine). We get into the gym, which is in a very lovely space, by the way, with a great choice of paint colours and flooring, and Pam says “oh shit… there’s nothing on the floor”.

When someone who is as fit and committed as Pam says “oh shit” about your upcoming workout, who totally know that this is gonna suck.

So, the Lean and Fit way is a number of stations (I gather it’s usually eight) that you work at for 45 seconds each, quickly rotating to the next station. Today’s stations were as follows:

  • jump squats with a minimum 30 pound dumbbell
  • kettlebell swing/squats
  • jumping jacks
  • lunge jumps
  • burpees
  • cross over pushups
  • mountain climbers
  • plank with arm extensions.

I’d like you to get a good visual image in your minds of what those exercises look like. Now, have I mentioned yet on this blog than my right big toe doesn’t bend? Which means that any exercise where your weight would be resting on or pushing off your forefoot needs to be modified for me?

Look at that list again. Yup, that’d be five of the eight exercises. As the instructor was explaining the exercises, Pam looked at me and mouthed “I’m so sorry”. Them’s the breaks though, and it’s always a risk for me when i’m not doing personal training, which is why I’m pretty good at modifying, but even I can’t modify 60 percent of the exercises, yanno?

Anyway, I hated the instructor. I hated him. He was obnoxious. Told us he wouldn’t start the clock if we weren’t using a minimum weight for the squat jumps. Really? Fuckoff. Told us he was marking down who wasn’t running from one station to the next, and for each person there’d be another minute of stations. Again, fuckoff. You know why I hated him? He doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know how hard I’m working. He clearly didn’t give a shit that my heart rate was 169 for six consecutive minutes (well over my anerobic zone) because I was running from station to station so that no one else would be punished for my lack of aerobic fitness.

I said to my friend Holly today that I thought this meant I was more of a Bob, not a Jillian exerciser, but I actually think that’s wrong. You know why? Jillian knows those people. She knows how hard to push them. This guy knows nothing about me other than I’m the whiner who can’t lunge. His modifications? More pushups and more squats. Really? How about a skip rope? Or another kettlebell move? Wide leg lunges? Speed skater squat jumps? Maybe any of the moves from the Heiden workout, if you’re adamant for there not to be any equipment.

I lasted 15 minutes, and then I left. Yup, mid-workout, I left. The instructor was yelling at someone and I said “yeah, I do not need this”, put down my kettlebell and left. Leslie lasted about another 4 or 5 minutes. Pam made it through the whole workout, because it wasn’t her first time and let’s face it, her lungs are CLEARLY in better shape than mine.

I provided my feedback to the desk clerk who seemed a little concerned that we might be feeling unwell. Leslie was her usual nice self and said “it’s just a crazy workout!”. I told her I hated the instructor and that it was too bad that was my only shot at a free class, cause he was awful. She gave us free passes so we could try again and recommended a specific instructor.

So, I’m waffling. Part of me says I should try again, and this time call ahead and explain my foot malfunction. Part of me says I just not fit enough to do this, and do I really want to fail again?

I dunno. What do you all think?