Good question. Did I mention I’m a stress eater? Okay, so this is gonna be embarrassing, because it was one of the more stressful days of my adulthood. Wait, let me backtrack. The trainer called this morning at 5:40am to cancel, which was nice cause as I mentioned yesterday, ouch on the foot.

I knew the day was going to go to hell in a handbasket when I started getting negative emails at 8am. I hotfooted it into work without breakfast (or a shower, if you really need to know). So I stopped to get breakfast at Tim Hortons. Instead of getting a bagel and yogurt, I got a muffin and a donut. Then, when it looked like there was a chance I’d get fired today, I got a tuna sandwich and cheetos. And a 80 calorie chocolate bar. And two dessert squares. And two bites of a cookie. That was all before I left the office at 5:30. Basically, if it was near my hand, I ate it today.

I didn’t get fired, which is good. I didn’t work out, which is bad. I will be spending the weekend with people who eat healthy. I bought all sorts of stuff at Michaels to get crafty with. Some of it I will be getting crafty with tomorrow. I’m gonna do some domestic stuff and buy a new TV. I might even go to the gym a couple times!

I’m glad this week is over. Really glad. Enough said.