Do you like pushups? It might seem like a rhetorical question, but as I was moaning and complaining about them on Friday, Ana (the trainer) said she likes them. After I picked my jaw up off the floor (which interestingly helped with my breathing, so I should have kept it down there), I asked her why?

She’s good at them. As simple as that. Crazy, isn’t it? She’s good at them, so she likes them.

I thought this statement was rather telling. I’ve asked about a dozen it people what they do when they don’t want to work out. The answers that come back I don’t understand. “I do it anyway.” Really? I’d have a nap. “I call a friend and make him/her go with me.” None of my friends are at the same level of (un)fitness as I am.

Now, Ana is really fit. She’s got one of those bodies in her trainer gear that makes me wonder what her abs look like. Secretly I hope they look flabby, but in reality I’m sure she’s got at least the start of a six pack. Why? Because when she works out, she does something she likes.

Ana is a competitive amateur kickboxer. She works out at Therien, funnily enough where my employee the competitive ju-jitsu guy works out (different locations though). She likes the sport enough to want to compete. She told me about fighting a 200 pound woman in March. Ana is 5’2 and weighs 120 pounds (mostly muscle). She’s got a body like a short Linda Hamilton in T2. It’s damn intimidating and inspiring to watch her demonstrate the stuff we’re doing, just to see the muscle.

So, that got me to thinking about things that I like to do. I like to read. I like music. I like movies. I like my friends. None of these things are physical. I like to hike, but mostly in a group where I can observe other people and forget about my lack of wind. I find running to be painful and am not sure how to change that. I find walking boring unless I have a destination. I love playing team sports, but not when I screw up. I like to mess around in the water, but find that I have a hard time swimming more than 25 metres without thinking my lungs are going to explode (and for some reason they won’t let you swim on your back in a class for a whole hour!).

I wanted to try a new physical activity this weekend – a ropes/aerial course with trees and ladders and ziplines. The first place I looked up has a limitation on the size of your hips. Mine were too big. The second place I actually called to speak with them. The guy said that heavier people tend to get stuck on the ziplines and then they have a really hard time pulling themselves back up. He said that if you’re heavier than “average”, you need to have excellent core and upper body strength to get through the course. So, that was off.

I like squash, and ultimate, and I used to love basketball. I don’t like letting down my teams because I’m not good at any sport. I’m enthusiastic, but frankly terrible at everything I do physically.

I dunno. I’m kind of at a loss. What do you think I should try?