I got up this morning at 6am and for the first time, I didn’t think to myself “man, this sucks”. I said “hey, I’m going to see Ana and we’re going to skip rope! Sweet!”.

Sign of mental illness, or progress? You decide.

Anyway, I was chatting it up with Ana at the gym this morning during our exercises (I’m pretty sure she was trying to kill me, so there were a lot of short breaks). Here’s what we did today:

  • jump rope (100 successful skips)
  • squats
  • lat pulldowns
  • step ups
  • 10 minutes of boxing (oh my damn core hurts)
  • repeat the whole set
  • repeat everything minus the boxing.

Yeah, it was pretty hard. My gut hurts. There’s a lot of gut work in punching something. I can see why boxers have ripped abs.

So, I talked to Ana about finding what I’m good at. She thinks it could be kickboxing, without the kicking, which probably actually is more like boxing. Apparently I have a great cross, whatever that means.  So anyway, I’ve got an appointment at Therien tomorrow night for a private lesson so they can show me the moves and help me modify the kicks and stuff so that my bad foot won’t get injured.

I’m cautiously optimistic. Cross your fingers, peeps! I want to be good at something!