Doh… I just realized that I never downloaded the second set of photos from Lake Placid. Here’s some lovely pics from our trip to Ausable Gorge, just east of town.

Mum's sears catalogue pose

Mum, pulling a classic Sears catalogue pose on a rock near the river. She had to do some serious feats of climbing and jumping to get up there. Way to go, Mum!

The gorge

Ausable gorge has a half mile (around a kilometre) trail around the gorge, hugging it with wooden trails and old school bridges.

safety engineers

At the top right of this photo are two people. These are the safety engineers who were inspecting the wooden/steel trail. The one that hangs over that gorge? Yeah… kinda scary.

Some lake somewhere...

I totally can’t remember where this was, but Dad made me pull over so mum could take some pictures. This picture, in particular.


This is the picture Mum took instead. So much funnier if you know what I do for a living.

And that’s it for Lake Placid!