I like rocks and trees. It was my pleasure to accompany my parents and their best friends on a walk at the Mackenzie King estate in the Gatineau Park. Mackenzie King was Canada’s longest serving Prime Minister and his summer homes have been restored and opened to the public. There are trails and paths all around.

Pink Lake

First we stopped at the scenic overlook for Pink Lake, named for the Pink family and not because the lake itself is pink.


Then we saw a nice looking partially changed tree.

Mum by the lake

Mum thought she looked particularly good on the stone “dock” at the Estate. I concurred.

Mum and Pat

Mum and Pat walking down a trail ahead of me. I had stopped to take the below picture, which Dad had to help me with as there was originally a branch blocking my light.


Gats 2009 016

I think it’s pretty well known that Mackenzie King was a little crazy. He built these ruins on his estate where he communed with his dead mother, using psychics. Yeah… I said he was a little crazy. Still, the ruins are lovely.

ruins 2

The only bad part about the day? The totally ratty flag at the front of his main house, Moorside. Seriously, NCC… get on that, willya?

Lovely walk, lovely day, lovely people. On the whole, a great experience, if a little rushed (I had to get back to Ottawa in a hurry). Definite big thumbs up.