Oh holy hannah, Trainer Ana did a number on me today. Yes kids, it was “back to the gym, old school” day today. It was a lower body workout and exercise three (of lord only knows how many) totally did me in.

I seriously need to stick to skipping. It was about the only part of this workout that didn’t hurt. Yup, we moved right from jumping (I understand “skipping” is too girly a name, so I’m supposed to refer to it as “jumping”) to fast step ups on a really high step… like an eight riser step! That’s kind of brutal, but then we moved onto the killer.

Do you know what a gliding pad is? It’s a circle of heavy duty nylon that sort of slides over carpet or hardwood so that you need to use control to both push your foot out (so you don’t fall) and pull it back in. Anyway, it can be a whole other level of hell when your trainer decides you should use it for a wide legged lunge. I’m trying to figure out how to describe this. Picture yourself going down into a squat with most of the weight on one leg, while the other leg shoots out to the side. And then you have to pull it back in and up so that you’re standing straight again.

Ow. Let me just say that this just about wrecked me. I was fine while I was still doing the exercise, but we moved on to something else right away and I thought i was going to yak. Stabbing, long inner thigh pains. Ow. There was a brief recess while we stretched my inner thighs (so elegant… nothing like lying on the ground whimpering while your trainer holds your legs open. Classy.

Anyway, after that we did some more step ups, some balancing squats, a different type of exercise with the gliding pads (tracing a giant figure C with your toe while in a squat on the other leg). And we repeated that circuit a couple more times (without the wide leg lunges, thank goodness). And then we did some core exercises, which I evidently need to work on because yeah… those exercises sucked.

Anyway, I’m in a righteous amount of pain. Enough pain that I blew off my snow tires (currently sitting at Cdn Tire, all balanced and waiting for me to pick them up). I’m still wearing my gym clothes. It hurts to sit down. It hurts to get up. I curse the insane number of stairs in my house. Enough said.

I’m sure it’ll suck all the more tomorrow. Thank goodness for advil!