So, I’m back at work for four days. It’s going okay. There are a lot of problems for me to solve in a short time frame. Lots of people want face time. And there’s really not much I can do. I’ll do what I can though. My amazing admin assistant is making sure I take a lunch and at least one very short break. She’s a force of nature, and you don’t want to mess with her. When she says “go downstairs and walk around the block”, you do it.

I went to the gym last night for a stimulating upper body workout. Good news! The pain from the H1N1 shot eased off yesterday (and is totally normal today), which meant we could do some good upper body stuff, including increasing the weights on all activities but one.

Good start with medicine ball slams. I seem to have a problem with this exercise – whenever I use a ball heavier than 12 pounds I strain a muscle in my neck. I can’t quite figure out why. Anyway, we did the slams, then some lat pulldowns (I’m up to 60 pounds for this), then some pullups (I’m up to 60 pounds for that, too). Repeated that grouping three times and then… everyone’s favourites! Who doesn’t love a shoulder press on the ball, followed by some pushups, followed by a shoulder bridge on the ball with an upwards chest pass using the medicine ball? Oh yeah. That was some gooooooood times!

Slept really well last night (I’m unwilling to mess with my good sleep mojo now that I have a good routine). Got up this morning ahead of my alarm, sneezing. Doh. Did I mention that I’m getting on a plane in THREE days? Right. Did I also mention that the public health nurse who gave me my H1N1 shot suggested I wear a face mask on my flights to India? My immune system is absolute crap these days (this is my third cold in four weeks), so I’m inclined to think it’s not a bad idea, especially since the vaccine won’t be effective until Monday. Gah.

So, I went to work this morning with a mission: get some Cold-FX (a natural cold remedy many canadians swear by) and some face masks. Oh, the joy. Bought the ultra strength drugs (you know I’m desperate because I’m taking a drug I’ve never ingested before, which is risky given how allergic I am to most meds), and asked for the masks. Sold out. Totally sold out.

So I went to work. Got the masks tonight when I picked up the last of my prescriptions. Did a full day’s work. Have two more to go before the vacation is ON!

In-di-a! In-di-a! I’m getting stoked!