Sadly, Delhi belly does not always strike in Delhi itself. The good news is that I’m now the 9th of 10 people on our tour to get it, so I held out longer than most. I’ll start taking the cipro today, and will rest up this afternoon in anticipation of two days of bumpy bus rides. Good times.

Oddly enough, the 10th person still unstricken? My mum. I think that’s cause she has an extra 3 weeks to get sick. I”m sticking with that excuse, at least.

Yesterday we had a walking tour of Jaisalmer, including the old fort where 2500 people still live (and a whole lot of people work). WE also did a local market walk, bought some sweets, saw some unpainted havelis, heard some great jokes from our local indian guide (example: My name is Jitu! It’s easy to remember, bcause it’s G, plus 2! Where’s G1? At home! (knee slapper!)).

Last night we went to the family home of Dinesh (our Intrepid guide). His family cooked us up a big spread of pure veg (no garlic or onions or eggs, but most dairy products are allowed) and his grandfather regaled us with stories of how tourism started in Jaisalmer and the people he’s met from other countries and his faith and family life. It was entertaining, even if his attitudes are still a little archaic by my standards. Dinesh lives in a family house with his parents, grandparents, three brothers/cousins, and all their kids. Crazy, I tell you. fifteen people live there, and it’s never quiet.

The mosquitoes here are pretty bad, and there are more cows here than in any other city we’ve been in. Even the king keeps some cows along with his horses in hte front yard of the hotel (no joke). The king is only 38 – do you think I should see if he’s single?

THat’s all for now. This keyboard is atrocious and I”m getting arthritic from the amount of pounding I have to do on the keys. I’m pretty sure it predates my existence on this earth!

Later, y’all!