When I was at university, my roommate and I (before we were roommates and it all went horribly wrong) played squash periodically at the gym. I don’t know why. I’m terrible with the raquet sports, in general. But something about the sound and vibration of whacking that little rubber ball into submission really made me feel better about life.

About six years ago, I played periodically with my first personal trainer here in Ottawa. He was really good. He kicked my butt, but I didn’t care. I ran around the court, I sweated a lot, and I got that sound and vibration of whacking that little rubber ball into submission.

Then my foot fell apart (literally) and I stopped all sports requiring forefoot pressure, of which squash is definitely one. I didn’t think I’d ever play again, especially since my foot surgery was not all that successful. But, I started going to a gym here in Ottawa with squash courts back in January. I asked my dad if he thought he might be able to play, but he’s not mobile enough due to a ruptured achilles.

I mentioned to my trainer that I wished I had someone to play with, and she suggested we play together for our session. Hells yes, I said. I’m down. Except when it came time, I forgot we were sposed to play squash and forgot my raquet and I didn’t buy any balls. Doh.

No worries, said Trainer Ana, when she met me at the gym today. She rustled up a raquet from the lost and found and the raquet she was using had balls in the case (sweet!). We warmed up the ball (which takes way more effort than you’d think), and played without scoring for about 40 minutes. Man, I was a sweaty mess. We laughed. We swore. We had a generally good time. Ana spanked me a little, but did not kick my butt. I nailed her with a few sneaky shots that made her curse the ground I stood on. And she’s portugese, so she can do that!

Anyway, when I left I was dripping sweat and purple, both signs of a hellaciously good workout. I also finally found out where in teh gym you sign up for squash activities. I think I’m going to contact some people on the “single player seeking partner” list and see if anyone wants to rally. And I might just take a clinic in January. I like it. It’s fun. It’s hard work. And it’s a great stress reliever.

Do you play? Wanna play with?