I had an interesting day today. First, I slept through the night for the first time in a week. I was so happy, then I realized that I was upping my meds again today. Doh. Cross your fingers for tonight!

I started the day at the doctor. My doctor is actually a fill-in for the physician I’ve had for about seven years now. Here’s the thing: I like this new doctor more than my actual one. I told her how much I appreciated her style today, and she seemed truly very touched. Apparently the clinic has offered her a full time position when her locum is done, and I think I’ll see if I can switch to her. Anyway, the appointment was good. Although my blood pressure is very high, that’s just a temporary side effect of increasing the dose of my meds so quickly. I’m at the level (starting today) that I think we’ll be staying at for a while, and within about two more weeks I should feel about as good as I’m gonna get.

There’s some positive signs of recovery – I’m planning activities for next month and beyond, like a two day trip to Montebello (a log cabin resort outside Ottawa) where I’m going to snowshoe, play some squash (by myself, but whatever), have a head massage, and hang out in the jacuzzi. I’m also signing up on Jan 4th for a course where I’ll learn how to quilt. That’ll take me through February and March. And I have found a squash partner (at least one, and am working on more) and am booking a court for the 27th, our first sunday squash date.

We got a boatload of work with unreasonable timelines today, and we fought back, which was nice (and necessary). I fought with the insurance company today and got them to admit to some pretty big mistakes which will net me a fair bit of money (that I’ve been owed for a while).  

On the whole, I think things are looking up. I’m hoping they stay up!