Oh man, do I ever hurt today. Not the same hurt from playing squash a few weeks ago (where I had a problem sitting down for four days!), but a more upper body ouch kind of hurt. The kind where doing anything other than typing sort of hurts.

So, what kind of butt whupping did Trainer Ana deliver yesterday? The kind where I don’t get bored. It’s no surprise that lifting weights is intensely boring to me.  It’s repetitive and mind-numbingly dull. Also known as the reason why I rarely lift weights without a trainer kicking my butt.

Anyway, we warmed up with some punches, cause you know I have an aggressive side and occasionally I like to hit stuff. Also, it’s good for my right wrist, which suffers from using a laptop at home. After five minutes, we moved over to medicine ball slams, but with a significant increase in weight (from 10 pounds to 15). My triceps are killing me right now as a result.

Other exercises in that circuit included weighted step ups (with 30 stinking pounds of weights and five risers), and lat pulldowns. There was some mixing it up on these though. Turns out I find it less boring when we do modifications. For instance, the lat pulldown machine has two independent straps instead of one bar. The modification we did was to pull the weight with one arm, then the other, then both (as you’d traditionally do). You only have to do four of that combination instead of 12 of the regular pulldown. Step ups were also done in groups of four, switching feet every four steps instead of every 12.

Yeah, you know what? It’s a lot freaking harder that way. Not necessarily while you’re doing it, but oh sweet jesus the pain. I just took an advil after realizing that it hurt to hit the elevator button. Doh.

But, I digress. We moved from that set (three sets of each exercise) to the next one which involved some more pain. Pain. The first exercise was a squat holding the weight over your head. Small weight, just 5 pounds. So, four seconds to get into the squat, hold for four, halfway up, hold for four, all the way down, hold for four, halfway up, hold for four, all the way down, hold for four, back up for four seconds. Repeat two more times. Holy. Five pounds feels like a lot on the third go around. I’m just saying.

Second exercise in this set was pushups. I’m still doing an incline pushup, but not by much. I sense that regular pushups are two weeks away. The other exercise was using the cable machine with two handles down by the floor. Pull back the cables while sitting down in a squat (the tension holds you upright, but you look like you’re waterskiing). Then stand up and pull the cables in to your body in a row. Not gonna lie, that was the hardest one we did.

Repeat those exercises three times. Then what felt like a freaking eternity but was really around 50 reps of core exercises.

See why I’m feeling the hurt? I’m just saying!